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Cutlery. Simple tips for cleaning your cutlery

Keep your cutlery looking new by washing by hand and soaking them in hot soapy water. Be sure to rinse in cold water to get all the soap off of the knives to prevent that soiled 'look'.

Keep your cutlery looking nice and shiny by rubbing them with a cork from a wine bottle!

Another way to clean your cutlery and your silver is using a bit of salt and a clean wet cloth rubbing gently to sour all the left overs off of the utensils.

Clean cutlery easily by rubbing a cork over them. Any type of cork will work well in getting your cutlery clean!

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Cleaning fish knives Comments By: Lynn Arnold on 2004-08-05
My mother (who was brought up as a child in Liverpool) tells me that when she was young, following a fish meal, they used to put the cutting part of fish knives in the soil after washing them. Does anyone know anything about the reason for this tradition?

TipKing Says: I know that my mother used to clean knives by pushing them into the soil but the reasons behind it are beyond me.

Putting knives and forks into soil - why? Comments By: Dorothy Holister on 2004-12-09
My mother, born in 1899, was taught by her mother to put forks into soil to 'lift' the taste of strong fish, such as herring or mackerel. It was always amusing to friends when they called to see 10 or so forks stuck in the tiny garden by the kitchen door. It worked, the forks never carried the taste. They were washed, of course, after their outdoor sojourn.
Cleaning cutlery Comments By: Lisa on 2006-02-16
If your knives and forks have rust marks on them, stick them in a raw onion for 1/2 hour, then was and dry as normal.

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