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Burnt food and Burn marks on pans. Clean it easily

If you have a burn marks on a pan, boil some water and a few ounces of pearl barley in the pan. let it cool and stand overnight, then clean as usual. The stains should lift out.

If you have a pan that you burnt some food in, just boil a few cups of water with a cup a vinegar added. This loosens the burnt on foods so you can wipe it away!

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Works! Comments By: Roni on 2004-10-05
I used this on some really burnt-on rice on a stainless steel pan and it really did work.
cleaning enamel pot burns Comments By: Esso on 2006-09-09
Having burned beets in an enamel pan I knew my work to clean it was going to be difficult. 1st I tried vinegar, then added water & more vinegar & eventually a drop of detergent, boiling after each addition. Nothing worked. I tried scraping with a stainless steel spoon & plastic cleaning pads & a little came off. In desperation I poured in chlorine bleach, let it soak for 10 mins, then scraped with a brass Kurly Kate (remember those?). I rinsed it & the pan is almost back to new. I'm going to let some fresh bleach sit in it for about an hour then give the pan a good soaping & rinsing.
I almost threw it out!!!


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