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Nasty kitchen sponges

Drop your kitchen sponge in the dishwasher each time you use it - it will get sterilized and be safer to use for a longer period of time!

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Just a Warning Comments By: Kath on 2005-06-01
I do this all the time, great tip. Someone at my work mentioned however, that some sponges may flick out, or have a tendancy to float around the dishwasher, and land on the element and burn/ or cause a fire...I do not know whether this would happen. I still think the sponge would become waterlogged after the first rinse and 'be safe" ! :-)
You could also Comments By: Pandemonium on 2005-06-06
Microwave it on high for 1 minute. It will be HOT though and handled with care.
the washing machine works great, too. Comments By: cherisa on 2006-05-08
Try stickin the sponge in the washing machine next time you go do your laundry. Then dry it in the dryer. Works great!

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