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Clean copper pots and pans

Clean copper pots and pans by making a paste of vinegar, salt and flour. Use the paste as you would any metal cleaner. Rinse with clean water and buff to a shine with a soft cloth.

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  • I tried several methods of cleaning my copper bottom pots and find using ketchup the easiest and fastest, just spread ketchup over entire copper area, wait 5-15 minutes and wipe clean.

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Barkeepers friend Comments By: R. Hiscock on 2004-08-27
'Barkeepers friend' works wonderfully on copper and stainless steel pots, is much cheaper that 'copper cleaner' and has many other uses as well.
WOW!!! Comments By: Fulton on 2004-08-27
I tried the viniger, salt and flour mix and it worked awsomely!

I'm not trying the ketchup to see how it does

another way... Comments By: Maureen Silverman on 2004-09-12
Make a paste of tartaric acid and water, it also works a treat! Rememeber to wear gloves
ketchup Comments By: Jo Ann on 2006-01-29
I tried the ketchup it worked okay on the surface but there are deep dark spots...I will try making the paste.
Cleaning Copper Pots Comments By: Cass on 2006-02-19
Tried both paste & ketchup I liked the paste better we hve not claned the bootton in years looks like new.
Cleaning Copper Pots Comments By: Cass on 2006-02-19
Hi I made a mistake in my rating should oef been a 5. Sorry
Barkeepers Friend polish Comments By: Sue Thomas on 2007-04-02
Does anyone know where I can buy Barkeeepers Friend in the UK?????

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