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Defrosting a really frosty freezer

Submitted by Chris

If you have a stand alone upright freezer (i.e. without the fridge on top) and you have failed to / haven't been able to face getting round to defrosting it until the point you can hardly get the drawers to move because of the ice: 

Let nature take it's course. Empty it as much as you can and switch it off. Put a couple of large bowls on the shelves and pull the freezer out a bit so you can tip it up high enough at the front to get a saucepan under the front of it. Just leave it over night.

Water will collect in the bowls and angled base of the freezer not on the kitchen floor (important if you live above someone else) and a couple of minutes in the morning to empty out the bowls and mop up the base with a couple of towels will clear it away. After you remove the saucepan allow the freezer to stand level for a half hour or so before turning it back on. 

Then get in the habit of defrosting on a more regular basis! Never, ever try to use anything to chisel the ice from the insides.

Visitors comments

defrosting freezers Comments By: Margaret on 2005-01-13
What happens to all the frozen stuff from your freezer while the cabinet is slowly defrosting? TipKing says: You will need to put down towels as it will all melt
iced freezer Comments By: Mila on 2005-05-09
but, could I pull the freezer out from the garage,into the driveway, and hose it down? that way, the water will trickle down at an angle.

Anyway the electrical parts are in the back. Then I can soap it and rinse away the suds.

Defrost faster Comments By: Albert Moraal on 2006-01-28
You can defrost faster by putting a pan with boiling hot water in the freezer and closing the door.
Defrosting a freezer Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-09
The absolute best way I have ever found of defrosting a freezer is to use a hairdryer. Obviously be careful and don't apply heat directly to the wall of the freezer, but direct the heat at where the ice meets the wall, it takes a while at first but the cumulative effect of the hot air in the space will defrost the freezer in no time just collect up all the ice as it falls off the walls and dry out with cloths and you're done!

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