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Burnt Food. Smoke from burnt food remove the smell

So it has all gone wrong and you walk into the kitchen to be welcomed with billowing smoke - you are burning supper, dinner or even breakfast! For a quick way to disperse the smoke. Get a wet bath towel and swing it around the room for a few minutes in the air above your head.

This will disperse the smoke. Make sure you do not make matters worse by knocking something over and creating a huge mess. Carefully swing your wet towel around the kitchen.

Once all the panic is over you will be left with a nasty smell. Even if it was just the toast that you burnt it is still going to smell. To neutralize burnt food odors in the house, such as burnt toast, I mix 1/2 cup whole cloves with 2 cups water in a heavy duty sauce pan and bring to boil. Simmer cloves for 15-30 minutes. The house smells wonderful and the burnt odor is gone fast and without chemicals. Cloves can be kept in the pan inside the oven to keep oven fresh. The Cloves can be used again for up to one week simply by refreshing the water and bringing to a boil whenever needed.

To cut the smell of burnt foods, boil one quart of water with two cups of vinegar.

Visitors comments

the order is very strong Comments By: mel on 2005-05-04
It seems to get some of the smoke smell out, but cover up the rest of it. My little girl hates the smell so bad she is crying because of the smell
Boiled cloves/vinegar eliminated the burnt odor Comments By: MSB on 2006-02-07
After opening all doors and windows, turning on all fans and air filters, and spraying the house with air freshener, the burnt food odor was still there. Turning to the internet, I found this website with the "possible" solution. Well, it worked! Thank you.
ridding house of burnt food smell Comments By: Beck on 2006-05-16
I used 'Force out' www.odorfighter.com which is a non-toxic liquid spray and it worked where everything else had failed (Febreeze, vinegar, cloves, pine sol, etc.) It cleared the smoke smell on and in my cupboards. And saved me from having to replace the cupboards. Great stuff! Of course, I also washed everything down and aired out the place as well. But make no mistake...this stuff is the best by far!
burnt microwave smell - BAD Comments By: Janine on 2008-10-23
This worked wonderfully. My two grandchildren were here too and they don't notice the "bad" smell anymore. My 14 year old put a microwave pretzel in for the toaster oven time instead of the microwave. Bad, bad! Thank you soooo much!
It WORKS!! Comments By: Sarah on 2009-07-27
I accidentally burnt a bun in the microwave, and it left our whole house smelling like burnt s'mores. But when we boiled 1/2 cup of whole cloves in 3 cups of water, it worked! after like 20 minutes, the strong clover smell went down and the smoke smell was way less intense! we're going to repeat it later, and I'm sure it'll be all gone by then!
Ground cloves worked too! eternally grateful Comments By: thankful mom on 2009-12-28
I just burned leftover Lasagna in the microwave(12min20 sec instead od 1min20 sec) and airred out the house to still have it smell after baking soda & vinegar
The cloves worked great.

I used ground as it is all I had and it was so much better!
Thanks! a grateful Texas mon

Cloves of what Comments By: Elijah on 2010-02-13
I'm a college guy so I don't know much about house keeping. What are these cloves you mention. The only cloves I know are garlic cloves. I don't think those are the cloves you are talking about.
IT REALLY WORKS ! Comments By: NARGIS. on 2010-03-10
kudos to u guys it really works,i had another method too,when i burnt cake i took 1 cup water and mixed an essence to it,u can use any vanilla,rose or some good smelling one,then start ur microwave for few seconds until essence smell takes over burnt smell,remove it keep it for use for another time or even u can do samething in house too by boiling it in home by open burner,home smelly home will turn into home sweet home.
dear elijah,cloves are dry and dried ingredient of spices,i dont know where u stay but i stay in india at mumbay(bombay) so its easily available at grocery malls or local spices shops who sell rice,dry red chillies etc,so all the best to u to remove bad odour of burnt food from home.bye,take care.

it workd for me Comments By: yipee!!! on 2010-04-07
had windows open for 2 days and used almost a can of scent, nothing happened. had apple vinegar, poured some and water into a pyrex bowl, microwaved it for 3 minutes and set it on the counter. the vinegar smelled up the house last night but the burnt smell seems to be gone. just to be sure i heated it again this morning.

will try this when there is other odors in the house, see if it cancels them also.


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