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Boiled egg. How do I boil an egg?

There are 2 methods for boiling eggs, both require a pan and water. Before you use your eggs to prevent them from cracking during boiling, make a small pinprick at the rounded end to allow steam to escape. Using salt in your water also aids the cooking  process.

The first method is to start with a pan of cold water with your eggs added, when the water starts to boil time it for three and a half minutes. Then take out and use in your favourite recipe!

The other method is to lower your eggs into a pan of simmering water. Bring back to simmering point for four minutes, or longer if you prefer.

There are so many variables to how your yolk will turn out. The size of the eggs, their temperature before they entered the water. It is a trial and error job that you will find the correct procedure over time. If the yolk is too runny after 3.5 minutes then leave it for longer next time, also the opposite applies if it was too hard for you.

For hard-boiled eggs, cook for 10-12 minutes, turning the egg in the water to keep the yolk in the middle, then plunge the eggs immediately into cold water and crack the shell all over. This prevents a dark, discoloured ring from forming around the yolk.

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