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In this category I have collected all the tips that are related to cooking and baking.

 Added too much salt?
 Here is a tip if you have added too much salt to anything you are ...

 Alternative to French fries and chips
 Here is a great alternative to french fries or chips

 Boil better eggs
 Here is a excellant idea to help you boil better eggs

 Burnt rice
 Use this tip if you have burned the rice and have no time to make new ...

Buttering toast and spreading jam
 Spread jams and butter toast fast on breads and rolls using this tip:

 If you are baking but ran out of buttermilk try this tip:

 Cabbage leaves leaf rolling rolls
 Use cabbage without having to worry about rips in the leaves using ...

 Use this tip for a wonderful shiny looking cake:

 Grease your casserole dishes easily using this tip:

 Casseroles at your convenience
 Here is some great advice for making casseroles when you need them ...

 Learn to make your own celery flakes using this tip:

 Cook clean white cauliflower
 Here is a great tip to keep your cauliflower white when cooking it

 Cook meatloaf faster
 Here is a tip to make cooking meatloaf faster

 Cooking and Baking with eggs
 Here are a few quick tips in dealing with eggs in the kitchen!

 Cooking carrots and beets
 Use this tip when cooking carrots, beets or peas in your kitchen:

 Cooking with cheese
 Cooking with cheese it so much easier using this tip:

 Cooking, preparing and storing bacon
 Using and storing bacon in the kitchen:

 Corn on the cob
 Here is a tip to make sure your corn on the cob tastes sweet

 Corn on the cob
 Make great corn on the cob using this tip:

 Cripsy Chicken and Pork
 Make your chicken or pork extra crispy using this tip:

 Crying over an onion
 There are so many things that a woman can cry over. Why does it have ...

 Cut grease
 Cut grease on the fries that you eat using this tip:

 Cutting Cookies
 Make those cut out cookies with ease using this tip:

 Cutting pizza
 Cutting pizza is made easy in your home using this tip:

 Cutting pizza
 Cut pizza with ease using this tip:

 Dealing with stale chips - crisps
 Don't throw away those stale chips!

 Deviled eggs
 Making deviled eggs is really easy using this great tip:

 Are you having problems with a really soft cooking dough? Try this ...

 Ever tried roasted carrots
 Here is a tip about cooking carrots

 Finding Uses for Leftovers
 Every meal that goes on in your home is generating some amount of ...

 Fluffy egg whites
 Make your egg whites keep their fluffiness using this tip

 Food coloring
 Using food coloring for your dinners make them more interesting using ...

 Frozen juice
 If you like to use frozen juices you will like this tip:

 Keep cut fruit from turning brown using this tip:

 Use this tip to thicken your gravy when you have made it thin:

 Greasing your pots, pans and baking trays
 Here is some advice to help you grease yur pots and pans

Grilling shrimp
 Cooking shrimp on the grill is easier using this tip:

 Ham Hock
 Cooking with ham hock is easy using this tip:

 Hard brown sugar
 Don't throw that hard brown sugar away - use these tips:;

 How do I boil an egg?
 Here are instructions on how to boil an egg:

 Make homemade icing that looks great using this tip:

 Jam making. 15 tips for Joyous Jam making
 If you enjoy making jam then you will find these 15 top tips are a ...

 Keep your rice fluffy and tangy!
 Keep your rice fluffy and tangy!

 Lumpy Gravy. Tip to prevent
 If making gravy from a powder before adding hot water mix powder with ...

 Make beautiful pie crust
 Here is a tip to make sure your pastry and crusts are beautiful

 Make meatballs with ease
 Here is a tip to make cooking meatballs easier and faster

 Make perfect shaped pancakes
 Here is a clever way to make pancakes with no mess

 Do you like to roast marshmellows or make smores? Try this tip:

 You can make meringue that is always stiff using this tip:

 Meringue pie
 Cut a meringue pie is easy using this tip:

Microwave cooking saves time and money
 Learning to cook with a microwave:

 Old Pizza
 Don't throw old pizza away - use this tip:

 Make breakfast a special time using this pancake tip:

 Pecans are easy to shell using this tip:

 Peeling vegetables made easy
 Here is a clever way to peel your vegetables

 Pie dough
 Rolling out pie dough is made easy using this tip:

 Quick Treats with Crackers
 Are you forever trying to find treats or snacks for you and your ...

 Recipes. Old recipe books can be a goldmine
 Old recipe books can be a great source of traditional recipes

 Reduce the gas in beans
 Use beans in your recipe that everyone will love:

 Remove burnt food from frying pan
 For example, when you are frying an egg and there are the burnt parts ...

 Remove fat and grease from homemade soup
 You can make homemade soup without the grease using this quick tip:

 Removing fat from your stews, casseroles and roasts
 Here is a great, simple way to remove virtually all the fat from your ...

 Making a roast tonight? Use this tip for a great taste:

 Root Vegetables. 23 Tips for really great root vegetables
 A selection of 23 tips to make your root vegetables more interesting, ...

 Sausage patties
 Making homemade sausage patties is easy using this tip:

 Save time whilst cooking
 Save time in the kitchen using this tip:

 Six Super Meals for Under $60!
 Cooking for a large family is difficult but when you are on a limited ...

 Snacks. 18 top tasty snack tips
 If you are looking for a new snack idea then one of these 18 top ...

 Soften butter
 Add butter to recipes with half the mess using this great tip:

 When making spaghetti, use this tip for a great garlic taste:

Spreading grease
Spreading grease, butter or oleo is much easier using this tip:

 Stale cookies
 Put those stale or broken cookies to good use in your kitchen with ...

 Sticky rice
 Do you always have sticky rice? Use this tip for great rice:

 Stop Hamburgers shrinking
 Here is a tip to help prevent hamburgers shrinking

 Stop meatloaf from sticking to the pan
 Here is a tip to prevent meatloaf sticking to the pan

 Stop pasta sticking
 Cook soups and pastas without a sticky mess using this tip:

 Stop the tears when cutting onions
 If all other methods have failed and you still find your eyes burning ...

 Sweet potatoes
 Another great use for those sweet potatoes in your home:

Tenderize meat
 Here is a tip to make sure your meat is tender

 Time Savings Cooking - Money Saving Meals
 The freezer in your basement, or the freezer that sits on your ...

 Tips for Avocados Guacamole
Avocados Guacamole

 Tips for baking cakes and brownies
 Making cakes and brownies is now much easier using this tip:

 Tips for Poached or Fried Eggs
 Here is a excellant idea to have firm poached eggs or fried

 Tips for using ground beef (mince)
 Use ground beef in the kitchen using these tips:

 Use cola to bake a moist ham
 To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coke into the baking pan; wrap ...

 Using Baking Soda as a leaving agent
 Using baking soda, Bicarb, sodium bicarbonate as a raising agent.. ...

 Do you have a hunter in your family? You can use venison in more ways ...

 Wax paper
 Using wax paper is easier using this tip:

 Whipped Cream wonders
 Make funny shapes with whipped cream!

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