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Remove burnt food from frying pan

For example, when you are frying an egg and there are the burnt parts left over, and it can't be washed off, use salt. Straight after cooking(don't wash the pan) pour salt into the frying pan and heat the pan. Just "fry" the salt and then the pan is clean again!

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a better way Comments By: amy on 2005-05-28
this method can scratch your pans. i prefer to fill the pan with cool water and throw in a dryer sheet (can be a used one). let soak an hour or so and the burned stuf will wipe right out!!
quick scratch free way Comments By: anon on 2007-01-02
put a little apple cider vinegar and cold water in the pan and let boil. You should be able then to just wipe off. For heavy duty jobs you may need to use a scour to wipe off. Worked GREAT!
Burnt on food Comments By: Denise on 2011-03-02
I have tried soaking, using vinegar, dawn dish soap, even soda. Nothing takesoff the burnt food. It is non stick so no abrasives can be used. Need help!!!!!

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