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Salt. Added too much salt? Tip to reduce salt in food

If you accidentally over salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato.

The peeled potato absorbs the excess salt leaving you with less salt in the soup or dish you were making.

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Add A Potato Comments By: Wanda from www.only-cookware.com on 2007-10-24
This really works. My grandmother, who was a fantastic cook, used to do this whenever she had added too much salt to a dish. And its something I do myself.
oops, I added way too much salt to my eggplant dish Comments By: dickie falgout on 2008-06-07
I'm going to try adding the4 potato and hope that it works.
Dumplings were way to salty Comments By: D J on 2008-11-24
i had a very big pot of dumplings and added 3 potatos it took the salt taste out thanks very much
Too much salt to cold dish Comments By: GenaeK on 2008-12-08
I saw that adding a potato to hot dishes while they cook can reduce the salty taste, but does this work for cold dishes? I have made a batch of hummus and added way too much salt. Any ideas?
potato salad Comments By: Carly on 2009-01-31
I accidentlly aded too much salt in the potato salad
TO REDUCE SALT Comments By: INDRASIS on 2009-04-25
put a spoon of flour in the bowl of the food,don't move it until a lump of flour is coming up. Then throw away the lump, and you have to give extra salt in the food
reduce salt brain curry or any curry Comments By: Zahida on 2010-09-17
I made a ball of flour with water and put it in the curry amazingly the salt was reduced in the curry
Potato ---salt Comments By: NIc Hickley on 2010-10-14
OK thanks for advice to add potato if you need to lower salt content, Do I add a cooked potato?, do I need To slice it?do I need to mash it? do I need to add dried potato, ? do I need to etc etc,for goodness sake if you are going to give advice please make sure it is complete.
Thank you very much Comments By: Sunitha Manoj on 2010-11-12
You saved my Paneer Masala
how much potato? Comments By: cj on 2010-12-17
if you over salt, peel a whole potatoe and put it in WHOLE in to the pot, taste test till satisfied
added too much salt Comments By: Kaiser on 2011-02-25
throw away the dish and next time dont add too much salt.

Alternatively, cook another dish without salt and mix both.

What if the dish is Potatos curry

asif. Comments By: bob on 2011-05-04
if your grandmother added to much salt.. than she not a fantastic cook is she?..
The garlic salt was dumped Comments By: Ruth on 2011-07-19
When I added some garlic salt to my home-made spagetti sauce and the lid fell out thus to much salt. I will remember to hold my hand out under it next time. I will try one potato (it seems I've heard of this trick before) and if not enough two potatoes. Even wonderful successful cooks make mistakes once in a while!!
spoon of flour Comments By: anon on 2011-07-22
does the spoon of flour work on cold dishes too

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