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Bacon. Tips for cooking, preparing and storing bacon

Here are a few tips for the cooking, preparing and storage of bacon.

  • You can buy bacon when it is on sale and freeze it in the plastic that it comes in for a few weeks and use it for quick meals!

  • When you are using frozen bacon, microwave it for up to two minutes to thaw it fast for cooking on the stove while still in the package.

  • If you like your bacon strips a bit smalller, just grab a pair of scissors and cut the package in half before opening it so you have smaller bacon pieces without the mess of using a knife.

  • After cooking bacon letting it sit on a paper towel will drain a lot of the grease so you don't eat all that grease that isn't good for your body.

  • When you want to slip the bacon out of its plastic wrap easily, just rolling the bacon and the plastic before cutting it will loosen the bacon making it slip right out of the package without problems.

  • When you are going to be making bacon to place in sandwiches, first wash it off under cold water before cooking it - this keeps your bacon from curling up in the pan leaving you with nice straight pieces of bacon. Perfect for sandwiches.

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