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Ground Beef. Tips for using ground beef, minced beef

There are quite a few different names for ground beef depending on which country you live in, or even region. I will refer to it as ground beef but you may well know it better as hamburger, mince or minced beef.

You can keep ground beef  in the freezer for up to six months when you put it in a air tight bag in the freezer.

Buying ground beef in larger packages will save you money over the long term. When buying ground beef  in bulk, break it down to one pound portions and freeze in double sealed bags. This keeps ground beef fresh and ready for use.

Buying in bulk allows you to prepare a few meals ahead of time - consider making meatballs, hamburger, pigs in the blanket, meatloaf, even mini patties that the kids can heat up in the microwave for easy use and storage.

You can use smaller pieces of beef in your recipes by putting it in the blender after cooking. Grinding up your ground beef to smaller pieces makes it perfect for some recipes like tacos and lasagna.

To cut the grease in your recipes and in your diet, wash your cooked ground beef with water and reheat in the microwave.

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