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Boiling eggs. Boil better eggs Kitchen tip

Boiled eggs are a delightful nutritious food so I have compiled a list of tips that looks purely at the humble boiled egg.

General advice
Before we get started with the specific tips here are just  couple of general guidelines:

  • Always try to use your freshest eggs first - they will peel easier!

  • Poke each egg with a needle before you boil them, this little hole allows water to surround the egg and they will peel so much easier!

  • Hate the smell of hard boiled eggs but love the taste? Boil a half cup of vinegar in the pan with water when you are doing your eggs, this adds a fresh smell to your home.

  • When buying eggs - white are just as wholesome as brown eggs!

  • Water your plants with the cooled water used to boiled eggs as it is full of minerals that plants just love.

Cracking whilst cooking.
You can prevent eggs from cracking when boiling by using one of the following methods:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the water before boiling. This also helps cut down on mess in your pan

  • Adding a teaspoon of salt to the water will also keep your eggs from cracking.

  • Wrapping each egg in aluminum foil before boiling. That way if they so crack you will be left with less mess.

Peeling eggs

  • If you are in a hurry to peel those hot hard boiled eggs? Run them under cold water while you are peeling them so you won't burn your fingers.Better still plunge them into a bowl of water with ice added.

  • To help shell the eggs, dip your fingertips in a little butter to prevent fragments sticking.

Cutting hard boiled eggs

  • Use a wet knife when cutting hard boiled eggs to stop the yolks from crumbling in your hand.

  • If you have just boiled eggs and you want to cut them, shell them under cool water and use a fork to cut them in a bowl.

  • Putting your hot boiled eggs in the freezer for two or three minutes will cool them fast.

  • Slicing your eggs right on a cool platter will keep them from sliding around too much.

Visitors comments

Not so.... Comments By: Pat on 2005-03-21
Fresh eggs are the HARDEST to peel! 10 or more days is best.

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