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Jam making. 15 tips for Joyous Jam making

  1. When making jam slightly under-ripe fruit is better than over-ripe. When you are preparing the fruit, take care to remove damaged or bruised pieces.

  2. You will find it easier to clean your jam pan if you rub the inside of the jam pan with butter prior to using.

  3. If you are making jam using fruit that contains stones. Do not throw them away. Place the stones from in some muslin, and cook in the jam. It will improve the flavor.

  4. Granulated sugar is best for jam making. Caster sugar or brown sugar produce a lot of froth and are not recommended.

  5. You can cut down the amount of froth when you are boiling your jams by adding a knob of butter.

  6. Sugar will dissolve more quickly if you first warm it in a heat-proof bowl in a low oven while you are cooking the fruit.

  7. Pectin is a natural chemical that helps the jam set. Cook the fruit thoroughly so that all the pectin is extracted from the fruit before adding your sugar.

  8. After adding sugar, allow it time to dissolve completely before the jam starts to boil. Do not over stir jam.
  9. When stirring, make a large figure of eight to prevent sticking.

  10. Jam will become dark colored and sugary of you over boil it.

  11. To test if jam is at setting point � drop a teaspoonful onto an ice-cold plate and it should wrinkle when touched after a minute.

  12. If jam will not set, reboil it with 2tbsp (40ml) fresh lemon juice or the recommended amount of pectin to each 4lb(2kg) of fruit.

  13. A delicious flavor can be added when making marmalade. Simply add 1pt (2� cups/550ml) pineapple juice instead of water for a delicious flavor.

  14. Cover jam while still hot and store in a dry, airy cupboard � not on a high kitchen shelf where rising heat may cause it to ferment.

  15. If home-made jam becomes sugary, stand the jar in a saucepan of cold water and heat slowly. This will dissolve the sugar.

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