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Quick Treats with Crackers

Are you forever trying to find treats or snacks for you and your family to enjoy? If you are looking for something a little different besides the average chip or bowl of popcorn, here are a few great ways that you can spice up, and use crackers as treats any time of the day or night for fun eating for the entire family. You will find that some of these treats and snacks can also be used as appetizers for a party when you are entertaining people of all ages!

Let�s start with the basics. You can use any type of cracker that you like the most. It can be a butter cracker, a saltine, a chicken, ham, vegetable, or any type of cracker that you like the most. Depending on if you are serving adults, if you like messy treats, or if you are serving children, you can use a bottom cracker and a top cracker. If you are serving adults, you can use one or two easily. If you are serving appetizers, one on the bottom is generally the way that the crackers are served. If you are serving children, often using a bottom and a top cracker you will find that you won�t have such a big mess with little fingers and little hands. 

Hard boil a few eggs, slice them, and place them on the crackers. You can add a bit of lettuce, tomato, or even a small pepperoni for a great taste!

Hard boil a few eggs, add some mayonnaise making your egg salad as you like it best. You can add pickles, celery, or pieces of onions. Put some egg salad on the top of your favorite crackers for a great treat, snack, or appetizer. 

One favorite that you can�t forget it to spread some peanut butter over crackers, with or with out a top!

Make it a little better, the crackers with peanut butter by spreading on a bit of jelly. Peanut butter and jelly cracker sandwiches are filling for those times when the children are really hungry. 

If you have a few slices of pepperoni and cheese, you can slice this up and put on crackers of all types for a snack or an appetizer. You can heat the crackers with the cheese in the microwave makes a tasty snack all by itself that most any one will enjoy. 

You can also make a ham spread of your favorite lunchmeat by adding a bit of mayonnaise and then spreading it over your crackers. If you want this to be an appetizer, you can put a slice of black olive on top for a great look. 

Cheese whiz or cheese slices with peanut butter is actually a really good treat on butter crackers. 

If you like marshmallows, putting peanut butter and then a few small marshmallows on a cracker is one of the children�s favorite snacks in the winter months. 

For the adult party you can slice a few pickles and ham, putting pickles and ham on a cracker is a tasty appetizer. 

Tuna mixed with celery, onions, black olives, green olives, peppers, or just mayonnaise is a treat that you can serve at parties or for anyone that likes tuna. 

If you have a bowl of chili, you can use crackers dipped in chili as an appetizer for small numbers of people. In the larger party this gets to be a bit messy. 

Crackers that you pour syrup over, and then freeze are great treats when you are using butter crackers or saltines. This is a treat that takes great but can be a bit sticky. 

Crackers topped with mustard, and then a piece of cheese and then your favorite olive is a great appetizer. 

If you don�t like tiny snack foods, using crackers that are topped with a small piece of cantaloupe is a good snack in the summer months for any crowd you want to please. 

Taking a teaspoon of refried beans and topping your favorite cracker would be a great snack or appetizer for the crowd that likes the spicy life.

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