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Fat removal. Removing fat from your stews, casseroles and roasts with ease

Do you often find yourself trying to remove fat from your stew, casserole or roast meat dishes. It can be quite a chore and you are sure to not get it all if you try to pour or spoon it off.

The secret to removing virtually all the fat from your dishes is to cook the meat in advance. If you are creating a stew or casserole cook the meat separately the day before and follow these instructions before adding to your vegetables etc the next day:

After you have cooked an item of meat place all of the juices into a plastic container and I allow it to cool. Place the container into the fridge. All the fat will rise to the surface and solidify. It can then be removed very easily. The remaining fluid is stock for making soups, gravy, or adding back to your stew or casserole. This stock will have a jelly like texture to it. This is not fat it is nutrients that make for a great healthy diet. If you have no immediate need for this stock it can be frozen for later use.

I am a lover of neck of lamb. When you have cooked that you are left with lots of bits of bones, fat, meat and stock. The easiest way to deal with this is once cooled place all of it into the fridge and allow the fat to solidify. Then you can pick out the meat, fat, bones very easily.

Here is another great tip for removing fat from your soups and stews. To skim fat from soups or stews, wrap two or three ice cubes in a piece of muslin and draw them across the surface of the saucepan. The fat will stick to the muslin.

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Fat removal if you are short of time Comments By: Deb S-J on 2010-11-29
The tips given are great if you are preparing well in advance. However, if you do not have the time, the quickest way of removing fat from your stew or casserole is to use bread. The best is the cheap white ready sliced type. Carefully lay it across the top of the contents and it soaks up the fat like a sponge - use both sides of the slice and continue till you have removed the excess fat. Leave it to cool and then put it out for the birds. In the cold weather they will be very grateful for the treat.
This also reminds us why fried bread is really not very good for us! Strange how we love our fried bread, but do not like to see any fat on our stews.


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