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Butter toast, spread jam. Tips for easy buttering of toast

Yes I know that we all know how to butter toast and spread jam but here are a couple of time savers.

If you are buttering toast and then spreading jam afterwards you may find that you are always trying to availd getting jam in the butter and butter in the jam. Well a very simple idea is to do the following. After you have spread either the butter or the jam, take your knife and push it  into the side of the peice of toast or roll that you are working with. The knife will slide into the toast and in doing do it will clean the blade.

I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth but you know you get into a habit and it is really quite easy.

Another tip for spreading jam onto bread, rolls or toast is to use the back of a spoon. This helps go over larger pieces of fruit without ripping your bread as often!

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