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Newsprint. Remove newsprint stains

If you have somehow managed to get the ink from a newspaper onto your clothes, carpet or upholstery then read on for how to remove a newsprint stain.

Methylated spirits is your answer. If the item is washable, be it clothes, carpet or upholstery sponge the stain with methylated spirits. Then wash as you normally would.

If the item is dry clean only you can still sponge with methylated spirits but sponge with cold water afterward. If the stain persists then dry clean.

Visitors comments

newsprint on leather Comments By: jewell on 2008-06-02
I have newsprint on the arm of a leather chair
How do you get newsprint ink stains from your skin ? Comments By: Betty Weiskirch on 2010-08-22
I rubbed a picture with dark blue print against my arm and it stained my lower arm's skin. It won't come off. What do I do ?

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