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Catsup Ketchup. Tips to remove Catsup Ketchup stains

Eating in the home on a daily basis with children or when you are entertaining you will often find that ketchup or catsup will make itís appearance as a stain on your carpeting in the dining room and in the living room. Sometimes you canít help but find ketchup stains in the kitchen on the carpeting when plates are dropped or food is dropped but you can get ketchup out of your carpeting using these tips:

One first thing you should do no matter what method you are going to use to clean your carpeting is to use a plastic knife or spatula and scrape up as much of the ketchup as you can. Scraping will take most of the liquid away so you can focus just on the stain.

Often soaking the area with a cup of water and blotting it up you can get the stain out that has not had time to set in.

A mixture of three cups of cool water and a cup of vinegar with a quarter cup of salt added is going to help you work out the stain in the carpet. Spray this on the stain and blot up. The salt will stay in the carpet and you can vacuum this up after the carpet is dry to help remove any ground in ketchup.

If the stain is more dried and set in, you can spray the area using a tablespoon of ammonia and a quarter cup of cool water. Blot the stain up and repeat as needed to bring the entire stain out. Donít soak the carpeting with the ammonia, just keep blotting to bring the stain out. Apply pressure as needed to get the moisture out but do not rub the carpeting.

Another solution you can use to clean carpets where ketchup has been spilled to wet the area with a mixture of cool water and a tablespoon of dish liquid. Be sure that you donít use dish liquid that has bleach in it. Blot the moisture up and the stain will lift out. Repeat as needed to bring the entire ketchup stain out.

Still yet, another solution that you can use on a ketchup stain is a mixture of one-cup peroxide and two cups of water. Spray this on the stain and let it sit for an hour an hour or so and then blot up.

Using a shop vac you can suck up water from the carpeting if you happen to put to much water, ammonia, or peroxide on the carpeting.

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