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Cheese. Tips to remove Cheese stains on carpets

Cheese is a mess when it is ground in the carpeting. Various kinds of cheese will find its way to your carpeting like: hard cheese, cottage cheese, even string cheese or spray cheese.

To get cheese out of your carpeting use these tips:One of the first things you should do if the cheese is soft or a soft spread is to scrape up the cheese that is on the top of the carpeting.

Sometimes this is all you need as the cheese might not have gotten down in the carpeting. But if someone has stepped on the cheese you will need to use the following tips as well:

Using a solution of two tablespoons of ammonia and two cups of cool water, spray the stained area and blot it up without rubbing the carpeting too hard.

Continue until all of the cheese is brought up and out of the carpeting. Using a solution of two tablespoons of dish liquid that is non-bleach, and two cups of hot water, spray this over the cheese stained area and blot up.

The warm water will melt the cheese and it will blot up easily. Repeat as needed to bring the entire stain out. If you have gotten most of the gooey cheese off the carpet but you are left with a stain mark, use spray bottle with two cups of water, half cup of vinegar and spray this over the area. When the water is a little warm the solution will work better.

Blot up the stain, never rubbing the carpeting. Repeat as needed. The coloring from the cheese is often left in the fibers of the carpeting and you can get this out by using a half-cup of peroxide and two cups of water. Spray this on the carpeting and rubbing in with your fingers just a bit.

After half an hour, blot up until dry and repeat as needed.

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