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Chewing Gum. Tips to remove Chewing Gum stains on carpets

Have you ever been chewing gum and not paying attention and it just falls out of your mouth? Or maybe you brought gum in on the carpeting from somewhere outside?

Or maybe your children love to play with their gum and leave strands in your carpet? Donít worry you can work the gum out of your carpeting in no time at all!

One of the fastest methods to getting gum out of the carpeting is to use an ice cube and to freeze it. As the gum is frozen you can pick it out of the carpet fibers fast and easy, or you can use your sweeper and suck it right out of the carpet bit by bit. Using your fingers, work on the stands of gum that are in your carpeting after you have smeared them with a bit of olive oil.

The olive oil will coat the carpeting fibers and loosen the gum. Donít pour the olive oil on, just coat your fingers and rub over the carpet fibers that are holding the gum in. Use salt sprinkled over the olive oil to get the oil out with no problem at all.

If you have gum in the carpeting that is very stubborn and you have light colored carpeting, you can use lemon juice on the area to break down the gummyness of the gum and it will come right out. You have to be careful so you donít take the color out of your carpeting when using this method.

Rinse with a clean water spray and blot up for a gumless carpet!

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