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Chocolate. Tips to remove Chocolate stains

Chocolate and stains often walk hand in hand, as it can drop or melt on your carpet without you even realizing it. You can work chocolate stains out of your carpeting using these tips:

For bigger goopy stains scrape up as much of the chocolate on the carpet using a plastic knife or some type of spatula, which will get most of the big pieces of chocolate up off the carpet. After you get bigger piece of chocolate off the carpet you can work on the stain.

Neutralize the chocolate in the carpet using a mixture of three tablespoons of ammonia and a cup and a half of water.

Using a spray bottle wet the area and then blot up. Continue doing this to bring out all the chocolate stains.

If you donít like using ammonia on the carpet, use three tablespoons of dish liquid that does not contain bleach adding this to two cups of cool water. Spray this mixture over the stained area blotting up the moisture without rubbing the stain into the carpet.

Rinse with a bottle of cool clear water and blot up to bring the soap out of the carpet.

For the most stubborn stains, use a spray bottle with two cups of water and a cup of peroxide. Spray this over the affected area and let it sit for about an hour. Blot this moisture up and repeat as needed to bring out deep stains.

If you donít like using dish detergent on the carpet, use a mixture of Ĺ cup of woolite and two cups of cool water in a spray bottle to wet your carpet and blot up the stain.

You can use this same tip with your favorite carpet cleaner and then rinse with a spray of clear water and blot up the soap.

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