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Cola. Tips to remove Cola stains

Cola comes in many flavors but for the darker cola stains use these tips to bring out that dark stain to leave your carpet cola free and stain free:

When you have a large cola spill, grabbing some salt and sprinkling it over the cola will help control how much sinks into the carpet.

Using a towel, cloth or paper towel blot up as much of the excess liquid as quick as possible and then start working on the dark stain.

When you find you have too much moisture to blot effectively, use your shop vac to bring larger amount of the cola up and then attack the stain with a spray mixture.

Using a spray bottle, use one-half cup of ammonia and two cups of cool water in a spray bottle and start spraying the stain. If the stain is wet or dry, this mixture will bring out the cola stain. Blot up without spraying too much liquid on the stain at one time, continue as needed.

A spray bottle using two cups of water and three tablespoons of dish liquid you can spray this on the cola stain and blot up with a cloth. Do not push the stain into the carpet further by rubbing; just a blotting motion will bring up the stain. Continue as needed to bring up all the stain.

Stubborn cola stains can be brought up using a mixture of one-cup peroxide and two cups of cool water. Spraying this mixture over the stain and blotting up after you have let it sit for about an hour will get that stain out.

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