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Crayon. Tips to remove Crayon stains on carpets

Crayons are found in most all houses where children live and often a crayon mess can end up in the carpet. If you have found melted crayon in your carpet there are a few things that you can do to bring out the wax in the carpeting.

First you need to pick out any large chunks, use a plastic knife if need be to break up bigger pieces of wax and remove them gently so you arenít pulling to much on the fabric of the carpet. After you have picked through the carpet and you have removed and scraped as much of the wax out as you possibly can, use a brown bag and lay over the area where the melted crayon is.

Using an iron on low, heat the crayon stain so that it will come out of the carpet fabric and onto the brown bag, you may also be able to use a cloth to bring up the crayon between the iron and the floor as well. Continue to scrape and pick carefully at the area after you have heated the crayon.

Blot the area with a cloth while the crayon is still warm and continue changing the cloth until you arenít bringing up any more coloring from the crayon. Use a clean cloth and wet it with rubbing alcohol.

Dabbing the rubbing alcohol on the stain area you will be getting more of the stain out of the carpet. Continue changing parts of the cloth to a clean portion so you are always watching how much of the stain you are bringing up on to your rag.

Do not pour the rubbing alcohol on the area because this can destroy the glue in the carpet and possibly the backing on the carpeting as well. Always wet your cloth and dab the area. If you are still left with any stain you can use about three cups of hot or boiling water and add two tablespoons of dish soap that does not contain bleach.

Blot this on and off using a clean cloth and pick out any portions of the crayon that are being brought up from deep in the carpeting. Continue this to get as much of the stain out as possible. Some coloring in the crayon can be most difficult to get out even after the wax itself is out of the carpeting.

Using a spray bottle with about three cups of cool water and a half-cup of peroxide, spray the stained area and blot up with a clean towel to remove any final stains that are left in the carpet. Some crayon stains that have been ground in after being melted into the carpeting can be most stubborn to remove.

Allowing the carpet to dry between cleanings will give you a better idea on how much stain is really left in the carpet and if you should continue with the cleaning motion that you are doing at the moment before moving on to the next step.

If you are still getting the stain out with any particular method, continue with that method until you arenít seeing any new results.

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