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Oil. Tips to remove Oil stains on carpets

Oil is a type of finish for wood and it is a lubricant for many types of machines.  If you have spilled some oil in your carpet, or if oil has been tracked in on your carpets try using these tips to get it out and without leaving a yucky mess.

Using something hard like a plastic spoon or knife, spatula you arenít going to use again to scrape up the excess oil.¬† Scrape towards the center of the stain so you donít spread it out and create a bigger stain.¬† Repeat this until you have brought up all the excess oil liquid you can so you are only going to face a carpet stain and not a huge gooey mess.

Using a clean cloth or towel, put some rubbing alcohol on your cloth and dab at the area where the oil was spilled.¬† This will break down the oil and it will come up on your cloth.¬† You will see the oil on your cloth.¬† Keep using clean portions of your towel and dabbing until you donít have any more oil coming up or when the stain is gone.

Make a mixture of a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of liquid soap without bleach a clear soap is best.¬† Spray and dab this water and soap mixture on the stained area without making it too over wet.¬† This will work out more of the oil and your stain will lighten.¬† Continue this until the stain is gone or you donít see any more coloring from the oil coming up on your clean towel.

If you find that your stain is still not coming out of your carpeting, try rinsing the carpet with a spray of water and then by dabbing the moisture up.¬† Continue this process until you donít find you are bringing up any more soap from the carpeting and the stain is very light or gone at this point.

Stains that are deep in the carpeting can be brought up using a spray of peroxide.  Work the peroxide into your carpeting with your fingers and then blot up with a clean towel.  Spay the stain area with peroxide again and leave this dry for at least an hour and then spray and blot again.  Continue until your oil stain is gone leaving your carpet renewed!

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