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Perfume Cologne. Tips to remove Perfume Cologne stains on carpets

Perfume or cologne spilled on the carpeting can leave your room smelling for quite some time with a stain that will be quite noticeable.  Even if the liquid was clear, you can use these tips to get out the perfume or cologne odor, which can be overwhelming when large amounts are spilled on the carpeting.

While the stained perfume area is still wet, use a paper towel and try to soak up as much of the liquid as you can.

Then neutralize the odor; use a spray bottle with a 1/3-cup of vinegar and a half-cup of water.  Spray this on the area and blot up the mixture with a clean towel.

If you still smell the perfume or if you still have a stain in the carpeting, make a mixture of one-cup water and one tablespoon of clear dish liquid without bleach.  Spray this on the stain, blot up with a paper towel but donít rub it in. when spraying, the soapy mix will get deep in the carpet to pull out the stain and the smell.

Rinse the carpet using a spray of clear water and blotting with a clean paper towel.  Repeat this until you are no longer getting suds from the carpeting. Let the perfume stained area dry for a few hours.

If the smell of perfume or the stain continues to linger move on with the next step in cleaning your carpeting.

Spray hydrogen peroxide on the stained area where the perfume is.  Allow this to sit on the stain and dry, re-spray and blot up.  The smell and the stain are lessened and are gone.  Repeat as needed.

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