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Correction Fluid. Tips to remove Correction Fluid stains

Place a clean absorbent paper towel or disposable muslin on the stain, then blot with the solvent listed above, dabbing from the back of the fabric. Change the pad as the spot is absorbed. If the fabric is very durable, use the back of a spoon to work the solvent into the fabric.

Flush with dry cleaning fluid, and repeat this sequence if necessary.

If stain remains, drip a small amount of acetone on the spot, and cover the stain with a clean absorbent pad damp with acetone. Let sit for 15 minutes, adding acetone in drops as it evaporates. Cover the area with a bowl to minimize evaporation. Flush with dry cleaning fluid.

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Correction Fluid - Cleaning Comments By: Anon on 2005-07-06
Your comment makes reference to "the solvent above", yet there isn't a solvent named.
white out removal Comments By: Jennie on 2006-09-18
This tip is of no help when up dont list the solvent needed.
Wite-out Stain Removal Comments By: Caitlyn on 2006-09-28
What is the "solvent listed above"? This tip is of no help.
the solvent listed above was paint thinner or rubbing alcohol... Comments By: Connie on 2006-09-30
I was confused too, til I looked above...lol

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