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Tea. Tips to remove Tea stains on clothes and fabric

No matter if you are drinking hot or cold tea, tea will stain most all fabrics use these tips to work out that tea stain. If the item is dry clean only, consult your dry cleaner.

Use any brand stain stick on the stained area. Let this sit for ten minutes. 

Apply clear bleach free liquid detergent on the stained area and rub in with your fingers. Use a scrub brush if needed. 

Hand wash in the hottest water possible for the type of fabric that you are washing and let air-dry. 

If you find that you still have a stain remaining from the tea, use a half-cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water, pour this over the stain and let it sit for about half an hour. 

Rinse with hot water and let air dry. 

If you find that the tough tea stain still remains in the fabric, use bleach or color safe bleach if the fabric instructions allow you and soak the material and then rinse with hot water and air dry. Repeat as needed to lighten the stain before drying in the dyer.

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