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Scorch. Tips to remove Scorch stains

If you have been too close to the fire scorched a fabric the material is going to be permanently damaged. If you had hanging clothes close to a fire, the heat from the hangers will leave scorch marks on the fabric. Sometimes just movement of the fabric will cause the fabric to split apart as the heat damages the fibers in your materials. 

You can lessen the appearance of a scorch mark but you will not be able to make the stain disappear altogether. 

To lessen the scorch stain, gently brush the area with a toothbrush or other small brush to loosen and remove any big burnt pieces. 

If the item is dry clean only you can ask your dry cleaner if they can work on the stain at all, but most likely you are going to get a no guarantee answer. 

Bleaching the area that was scorched will bring out some of the coloring from the stain so that the scorch mark is not as noticeable. Be careful how much bleach you use as this too will break down fibers in your materials more. 

Check the instructions on the tag of the fabric before using any type of bleach on the material. 

If the scorch stain is very small, you might want to consider dyeing the entire fabric to a darker coloring so that the stain is not as visible.

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