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Pencil. Tips to remove Pencil marks on clothes and fabrics

Pencil marks are a troublesome stain on light colored clothing but not impossible to get out of your fabrics.

Try this:

Putting the fabric on a hard surface, pull the material out without stretching it, so you are dealing with just the pencil marked area of the fabric.

Using a large pencil eraser, a gum eraser like children use for school, run the area removing the pencil mark from the fabric. Do not rub to hard so you don’t stretch out the material.

If you have any stain left on the fabric, use a pre treatment stain stick or stain spray on the area.

Let the fabric sit for a few hours, and then add clear liquid detergent to the stained area and rub in gently with your fingers.

Launder as usual and the stain will be completely gone!

If you find that you have a heavy dark pencil mark, you can also try shopping at your local home or sewing center where you can find pencil and marking erase/ removers. Quilters, home sewers and dressmakers are constantly making ‘marks’ on material when sewing and a solution are available in these types of stores.

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