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Oil. Tips to remove Oil stains on clothes and fabric

Oil stains on your clothes are most inevitable in the kitchen, in the garage or just working around the house.  Use these tips to get that oil stain out of fabrics that are stained.

When the accident first happens, take a paper towel and blot the excess oil from the fabric. Donít rub the oil or your stain will get larger. Just blot.

Use a pre treat spray or stain stick and apply a saturating amount over the stained area.

Let the garment sit for about an hour, and then rub in some clear bleach free laundry detergent. Rub this in with your fingers or a soft scrub brush and saturate the area with detergent working out the oil stain.

Rinse in water in a bucket or in the sink, and then launder as usual. Recheck the stain and repeat if needed to remove any remnants of the stain.

If you have a very persistent oil stain and your fabric tag states you can use bleach, soak your fabric in a bucket of water with two cups of bleach or two cups of all color fabric bleach.

Rinse out the bleach with water. Let the garment dry to check if the stain is gone.

If all else fails, use a few drops of dry cleaning solution on the stain, and then blot it up with a paper towel to work any remaining stain out of the fabric.

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