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Mud. Tips to remove Mud stains on clothes and fabrics

Mud stains can happen any time, most any season.  If you have an article of clothing that has a mud stain on it use these tips to work out that mud stain so you can continue to look great!

For the caked on fresh or dried mud stains it is best to use a butter knife and scrape off any excess mud on the fabric that you can without stretching or pulling on the fabric too much.

Using a bucket of water, soak the garment in water to loosen any more mud on the fabric that will easily come off.

Pre treat the stain with a stain fighting stick or spray to loosen additional mud on the fibers of the material. Leave this sit for about five or ten minutes.

Use a clear liquid detergent and cover the stained area.  Work in with your fingertips or a soft scrub brush.  Leave this in the stain for ten minutes.

Rinse in the hottest water possible for the type of material that you are working with.

Inspect the stained area.  If the stain is out, launder as usual, if not repeat the cleaning steps above.

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