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Make up water based. Tips to remove Make up on clothes and fabric

Make up is used and can get on clothes and fabrics in your home that can cause unsightly stains, use these tips when you are trying to get out make up stains on fabrics.

Apply a bit of pre treatment, stain stick or spray to the area, and then use a dab of clear liquid laundry detergent over the stained area for extra precaution in fighting a make up stain.

For the water based make up stain, you should be able to launder in the hottest water possible for your type of fabric to get the stain out.

Do not dry in the dryer until you have re inspected the area to see if the stain is all out. If you have a stain remaining, soak the garment again in a bucket of water using the laundry detergent over the area of the stain. And then launder again.

If you are fighting an old make up stain that went unnoticed for a while check the garment or fabric tags if you can use bleach. If the fabric will handle the bleach, make a mixture of bleach or all color fabric bleach and water, soaking in a bucket of water over night.

Using a mixture of oxyclean and water to make a paste, applying to the stained area and then letting this sit over night will break up tough stains. Then rinse and launder the item to get those make up stains out.

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