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Make up oil based. Tips to remove Make up on clothes and fabric

Make up stains and spills on fabric and clothing are a mess but you can get them out using these great cleaning tips. To see if your make up is oil based, check on the back of the make up container and it will surely tell you so.

The first thing you should do is scrape off any excess liquid or makeup from the fabric.  Using a butter knife or your finger nail you can get off most of the make up.  Try not to spread the liquid out too much or your stain will get to be larger.

Using a pretreatment spray or stain stick, cover the make up stain well, on both the front and the back of the fabric.  Let this sit for about ten minutes

Apply some clear bleach free liquid laundry detergent to the make up stained area. Rub this in with your fingers or a soft scrub brush and you will see the make up being removed from the fibers in the material.  Try not to rub too hard so you dont stretch out the materials. Let this sit for a few minutes longer and rinse with warm water.

Let the clothing or fabric air dry and check if the stain is completely gone.

If you are still faced with a make up stain, soak the item in a bleach and water mixture or use an all color fabric bleach and water mixture, soaking the garment or fabric for about half an hour. Be sure to check the tag on the fabric to make sure the fabric will hold up when using bleach on it.

Rinse the garment, let it air dry and re inspect.

If you find that you still have some type of stain in the fabric, you can use a few drops of dry cleaning solution over the stain. Let the fabric dry and then launder as usual so your stain will be gone completely.

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