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Lipstick. Tips to remove Lipstick stains on clothes and fabric

If you have a lipstick stain on your fabric or clothing here is how you are going to work out the stain for a great clean. 

Maybe your lipstick has been crushed or you have a really big stain from your lipstick on the fabric, use a butter knife or another type of dull item to scrape the lipstick off of the material. Try not to stretch it out too much, but get off as much of the excess lipstick as you can so you can work on just getting out the lipstick stain in the fabric.

Put the stain side of the fabric down on a cloth or towel and apply a few drops of dry cleaning fluid to the stained area. Keep dabbing the stained area on the towel so that the coloring comes out of the fabric and onto the clean towel. You have to be careful so you donít move a piece of the towel that has lipstick on it to stain another portion of your garment or fabric.

Rinse the fabric well after using the dry cleaning solution on the fabric.

Apply clear liquid detergent to the stained area and work it in with your fingers. You will see any coloring left in the fibers lift out as you continue to rub the detergent into the fibers.

Rinse the garment or fabric well and re inspect for additional lipstick stains.

If you have any remaining stain in the fabric, soak the item in a bucket of water and bleach. Be sure to check the fabric tag so you know for sure if the fabric will hold up using bleach. Let the item soak for about fifteen minutes and then rinse.

Launder as usual, not drying in the dryer until you re inspect the stain one last time.

Repeat the above as needed to get any remaining stains out.

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