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Gravy. Tips to remove Gravy stains on clothes and fabric

Gravy stains often can be large and it is important to treat this stain as soon as you can so you can work out all the stain and save your fabric.

Blot off as much of the gravy stain as you can, without making the stain any larger.

Treat the gravy stain with a pre treatment stain stick or spray from both sides of the fabric and let this sit for about ten minutes.

Apply liquid laundry detergent to the gravy stain and rub in with your fingertips or a soft scrub brush. You will see the stain lightening.

Rinse the fabric well and repeat if some of the stain remains.

If you find that, you have a very stubborn stain soak the fabric in a bucket of water with a cup of bleach if the fabric tag states that you can bleach this item. You only should soak it for about ten minutes and then rinse. Launder as usual.

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