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Crayons. Tips to remove Crayons stains on clothes and fabrics

Sometimes children can get carried away and color with crayons on their clothing and other fabrics.  These tips will work well on melted crayons as well, so read on for more information about how to get those crayon stains out of fabrics and clothes.

If the crayon is melted or heavily smeared on the fabric, use a butter knife or your fingernails to scrape off any excess wax.  Be careful not to pull too much on the fabric, not to stretch it out or cause snags in your fabric.

Make a mixture of liquid laundry detergent and baking soda.  A semi thick paste rubbed over the stain area will loosen the wax on the fabric.

Wash the item in the hottest water possible for this fabric; this will melt the crayon wax off of the fabric.

Repeat as needed until the entire crayon mark has been removed from the fabric.  Do not dry the fabric in the dryer until you have successfully removed the entire crayon mark from the fabric.

Visitors comments

Thank You! Comments By: anon on 2007-05-03
I am a first time mom of a toddler and he is definately very curious and active. Crayon is his favorite thing to play with and I am paying the price.
I am going to give it a go! Comments By: Shannon on 2007-05-08
I have been at my wits end! I will try that and hopefully have luck. Now... how to get it out of the dryer!

Thank you!

Removing crayon from clothing Comments By: Sandy on 2007-05-22
I used WD-40 and some Goo-gone,then soaked in really hot water with detergent and 2 scoops of oxi-clean. 99% of the stains came out first try. I think the WD-40 is what really did the trick.
More Help Needed Comments By: Jon on 2007-10-07
My crayon of interest is on my cloth car seat. The tip provided works until it comes to washing in hot water. Any suggestions on that part?
Removing crayon from clothing Comments By: Carol on 2008-10-05
I used Greased Lightening and sprayed it on the crayon spot, and then rubbed with a brush and it worked wonderful and was very, very easy and the stains came out completely after being washed.
works like a charm Comments By: Kim on 2010-06-20
my niece got green crayon on a white shirt. I used the backing soda and clear laundry det. The stain came right out.

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