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Margarine. Tips to remove Margarine stains on clothes and fabric

Pre treat all margarine stains with a stain stick or spray stain treatment.  Leave this sit on the fabric for about ten minutes or so, but longer wont hurt your fabric.

Apply clear liquid laundry detergent to the margarine stained area.  Rub the liquid in well with your fingertips or a soft scrub brush to work in the detergent while working out the margarine.  You can work both sides of the material if you like, putting detergent on both sides of the stain.

Rinse the fabric will, and re inspect for the stain.  Hang dry if needed for checking the margarine stain.

If the stain persists, you can reapply the pre treatment stain spray and then the laundry detergent.

If the fabric tag states that you can use bleach on this fabric, soak the fabric in a bucket of three gallons of water with two cups of bleach, liquid or powder.  Let the fabric soak for about ten minutes.

Rinse the fabric well, launder as usual and re-inspect for the margarine stain.  Do not dry in the dryer until you have checked for the stain.

If you have a very stubborn margarine stain, put the fabric stain side down and apply dry cleaning fluid to the back of the margarine stained area.

Let the fabric dry and the launder as usual.

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