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Lipstick. Tips to remove Lipstick stains on upholstery

There are so many ways that lipstick can end up on your upholstery, and some will have very funny stories behind them. If you want to get a lipstick stain out of your upholstery here is where to start.

If you have a lot of the lipstick on the upholstery, you should take a spoon or butter knife and scrape away the lipstick that you can.

Wet your cotton ball or paper towel with some rubbing alcohol. Dabbing at the lipstick stain, and changing your towel so that you are always using a clean part of it.

Continue this until you find that you are not bringing any more of the lipstick out of the upholstery. Apply a few drops of dry cleaning solvent to the lipstick stained area and blot it up with a clean paper towel.

Repeat this two or three times, if you are bringing up more of the lipstick or until the stain is gone. Make a solution of water and a few drops of clear bleach free laundry detergent. Spray this on the upholstery lipstick stained area, and blot until you bring out the moisture.

Do not rub the area or you could stretch out the upholstery fabric. Rinse the upholstery using a clear water spray, dabbing and blotting to bring out the water, the moisture, and the suds in the upholstery.

Be sure to continue rinsing and blotting until you are not bringing any more suds out of the upholstery. Rinse the fabric one last time using a mixture of water and vinegar.

Making a half and half solution spraying this on the upholstery and the blotting off will make the deep down lipstick and suds come out. Repeat as needed for a great clean.

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