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Manure. Tips to remove Manure stains on upholstery

If you have a manure stain on your upholstery, one of the best things that you can do is let the manure dry on the upholstery, and then trying to fight out that stain will be much easier.

After the manure is dry, vacuum off the manure that is dried and comes out easily, try not to vacuum to much in one spot, with the sucking of the vacuum, you might stretch out your upholstery making it out of shape.

Spray the stained area with clear water after you have vacuumed off the upholstery. Spray with water, dab and blot until you are not able to bring any more of the manure stain out the fabric. Keep changing your towel so you know for sure if you are still bringing out more of the manure stain.

If you still have a manure stain remaining, make a mixture of water and a clear bleach free detergent.Spray this on the manure stained area, and dab and blot off so that you are left with a clean upholstery fabric.

Continue as long as you are bringing out more of that manure stain. Rinse the upholstery where the manure stain was using a clear water spray.

Spray on a few squirts of water and the blot off until you have gotten all of the suds out of the upholstery.

Rinse your upholstery one last time with a mixture of water and vinegar to ensure that you have gotten all of the detergent out of the upholstery.

Use a mixture of half and half vinegar and water, blotting off with a clean towel.

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