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Rouge. Tips to remove Rouge stains on upholstery

If you find a rouge stain on your upholstery, no matter if it is liquid or powder, you can use this great cleaning tip to get that rouge make up out of your upholstery leaving you with a great clean.

If you have a liquid stain, blot up as much of the excess as you can. Sometimes using a spoon or a butter knife will help you get out more of that rouge from the upholstery.

If the rouge is a powder, using the vacuum quickly will help you remove most of the rouge stain from the upholstery that is loose so you can get it up without spreading the stain out further. No matter which type of liquid or powder you are working on, wet the stain with a few sprays of alcohol.

Dabbing and blotting the upholstery with a paper towel until you are able to bring out all the moisture will be important. Keep repeating this until you have brought out all the stain, or until no more stain is lifting out. Apply a few drops of dry cleaning fluid to the stained area. Blotting the dry cleaning fluid up with a paper towel so that you are lifting out more of the stain while working on the upholstery.

Make a solution of water and a few drops of clear bleach free liquid detergent. Sponge or spray this solution on and then blot off using a clean paper towel.

Rinse the upholstery where the rouge stain is, spraying water on the rouge stain and then blotting off with a clean towel or paper towel.

Apply a few sprays of hydrogen peroxide if you find that you still have trace stains from the rouge in your upholstery.

Spray it on, let it sit for about an hour, spray it again, and then blot it off, bringing the stain out for good!

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