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Lager. Tips to remove Lager stains on clothes and fabric

Lager stains on clothes and fabric can be a tough situation but you can get this stain out using these cleaning tips.  Be sure to double-check the fabric instructions before starting.

Wash your clothes or fabric in the hottest water possible for the particular fabric.  Just use water, no bleach or soap.  Soak the stain for about half an hour with a pre-soak / pre-stain treating stick or liquid.

Rinse with hot water and let the item air-dry.  If you still have a stain, treat the fabric with bleach or colorfast bleach if the fabric instructions allow you.  Soak for half an hour and then rinse and let air-dry.

If you find that you still have a stain left in the fabric, try rinsing the fabric with carbonated soda. The carbonation will work the lager free of the fabric.  Use a quart of carbonated soda with a quart of water and soak the item overnight if possible. Rinse and air dry.

When you launder the fabric again and a brown stain appears, this is the sugar from the lager still in the fabric. Once the sugar from the lager melts on to the fabric and turns brown you will not be able to get that stain out.

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