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Apple juice. Tips to remove Apple juice stains from carpets

Apple juice spills are a common occurrence in most all households, glasses spill, containers are dropped, and accidents happen. Working to get Apple juice stains out of your carpet just takes a little extra attention but you can get it out using these tips.

Using a paper towel or a clean cloth, blot up as much of the extra apple juice  on the carpeting as you can without pushing it further into the carpet. If you have a very large spill use, a wet dry vac to pull out as much of the liquid as you can. Using your spray bottle, spritz the carpeting so that you are wetting the fabric just a bit and then blot up more of the coloring from the apple juice . Continue using a clean part of your cloth until you see that you are not bringing up more of the colored apple juice.

If you have a bit of apple juice stain still in the carpet, use your spray bottle with two cups of water and two tablespoons of dish liquid that is non-bleach. Spray the stained area and blot up the stain. Continue this spraying and blotting until you donít have any more coloring coming out on your towels. Using your clear water spray, moisten the area and blot until you bring out all of the soap and suds that may be in the carpet fabric.

Give your carpet a bit of time to dry so you can see if the carpet is still holding any apple juice color in the fabric. If you have a bit of stain left, use your spray bottle and make a mixture of a cup of water and a 1/3-cup of peroxide. Spray this over the stain and work it in the carpet with your fingers a little bit without making the carpet over wet.

Let this dry and rinse with a clear water solution sprayed over the area and blot up to bring out any remaining stains.

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