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Beet juice. Tips to remove Beet juice stains from carpet

If you find a beet juice stain on your carpet try the following to remove it.

First, it is important to blot up as much of the beet juice as possible using a paper towel. Be sure to pick up any remaining beet, or scrape the beet juice remains off the carpeting before you try to treat the stained area. If you find that you have a huge amount of beet or beet juice on the carpeting, try using a wet dry vac to get up as much as you can.

Using cool water, spray the area with water and continue blotting up as much of the excess juice as you can, just be sure not to pour the water on the stain as this will push the stain out further in your carpeting. Keep spraying and blotting until you have brought out the entire stain.

Another solution in getting beet juice and beet stains out of the carpeting is that you can use a spray bottle and a few squirts of dish liquid in the water. Use the same blotting method as mentioned above spray, blot, spray, blot up and continue until your beet juices are gone from the carpet.

If you have just a small amount of beet juice stain on the carpet, you can spray the area with plain water or you can use the mixture of dish liquid and water and lay your clean cloth over it. Put a heavy object like a brick or chair leg on the wet area on top of the towel to pull the moisture and the stain out of the carpeting.

For the stubborn beet juice stain, use your spray bottle of water and add about a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Spraying on the peroxide and water mixture and then working it in to the various pieces of yarn in the carpet blot the moisture up using a clean cloth. Keep repeating this as needed and the stain will lift out leaving you with a clean carpet.

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