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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

funnyn Comments By: anon on 2010-03-13
thank you for your funny comments now i know how to get rid of cats. oh another goodie put them in a wheelie bin on garbage day. off to the tip they go,
I understand Comments By: Davina Attenborough on 2010-03-14
All I can say to you people who have written in with your ways to get rid of cats - what goes around, comes around.
If any of you have ever used one of the methods you describe (instead of just trying to act big) I hope the same method is used on you.
Yes, I do have cats but I also have litter trays. My cats have been neutered to stop them straying and I also have put burglar studs on the top of my fence to stop my cats getting out.
What an evil bunch of people you are.

a sticky solution Comments By: the evil gardner on 2010-03-21
place lengths of strong sticky tape about 18" long sticky side up all over flower borders when cats get it on them its hillarious you can then film it and send to youve been framed and make 250 and buy a gun to finish them off
Easy answer Comments By: Wonderdog on 2010-03-21
Caustic soda crystals sprinkled where they poop is brilliant, they will never come back.....
Beware though, it is very potent stuff, and DO NOT use if you have children or dogs, as it is dangerous stuff

Get your own cat Comments By: Rachel on 2010-03-18
We moved into a house recently and our neighbors have about a million cats living in their garage all Spring/Summer long. Whenever they come into our yard, our cat chases them off the property. One of the best deterrent for other cats is to get your own, territorial cat.
Cats and Dogs Comments By: Lynn on 2010-03-19
Cat owners should take responsibility for their pets - you *can* encourage them to do right. Non-owners should appreciate that cats are not the same as dogs - you can't *train* them. I have three cats now. Before these I just had one, who loved next doors garden to do toilet in. We talked the problem through, and I agreed to buy citrus spray, a water gun and supply orange peel all for my neighbour to use. It took time, but problem was solved. I had my current three from kittens, and determined to tackle the problem before it started by designing my small garden to encourage them to do toilet there. I have stretches of deep pea shingle that I rake over and top up once or twice a year as needed, and armed my neighbours either side with squeezy bottles for use as water guns - they are now 10-12 years old, and have no known problems with using other peoples garden. I have found that being pro-active with neighbours makes them willing to help without harming. Now, if only I could find a way of encouraging dog-owners to not just stand there and let their trained pets poo on my drive wthout picking it up after.
cat lovers Comments By: pj england on 2010-03-27
cat lovers who train their cats sound cat lovers who dont. take a second job as polotician their full of sh*t as well
I found a surefire way Comments By: Bud on 2010-03-28
I have a 22 riffle with a surpresser on it and an nightvision scope. It is quite effective and silent. I have only had one cat come back a few nights later but I took care of him aand he is now in a black trash bag along with a few of his pals. A head shot and it is all over no screetching or howling just silence. My yard is fenced so anything coming in and destroying my property is fair game.
cats are murderers Comments By: antun on 2010-03-28
i never had a problem with cats untill not long ago when the mongrel of a cat killed 2 of my birds (in a cage) and five of their babies how can people buy these pesty things and leave them to roam. my son is 6 yrs old and now has claimed a vandetta on the cat we know which one it was but far out if you own a bloody cat keep the pest indoors or locked up like you have to with a dog. i have tried numerous things to get rid of the pest but nothing has worked the only thig that i can think off is next time its on our yard i will start using it as a foot ball if a dog injures anything it get put down BUT WHEN A CAT INJURES ANYTHING NOTHING SEEMS TO HAPPEN
how to keep cats off your yard Comments By: anon on 2010-04-01
Wow!!! this was a question about how to keep cats off your lawn and garden. Not about disliking or liking them..U all took it to the next level and has nothing to do with calling animal control or disliking cats.
Nothing works Comments By: Susan Young on 2010-04-03
I have spent 100s with electronic devices and tried every tip...but alas... i am stuck with a stinking garden. I am very unhappy...i love my garden but no more....If you do not mess on it they killed the wild birds.
cat shit or dog shit Comments By: doggy on 2010-04-08
would these liberal do gooder tree hugger cat lover types like piles of dog muck all over their garden? I think not.
Keep them in,like dog owners are forced to do and deal with their foul smelling deposits yourselves....................
Anyone know of a decent air rifle?

Relocate that sly little fucker ! Comments By: Sam on 2010-04-11
Set a food trap and catch the little pest. Then put it in your car and drive ten miles to another housing estate. Then just let it go , you can stroke it if you want. No animal cruelty here! That hairy little begger will find some other mug that will feed it and it can shit in their garden. Problem solved x
Dont harm them...... Comments By: Puss in Boots on 2010-04-12
I'm not a big fan of cats myself but I wouldn't wish harm one. I agree that cat owners should be made to be responsible for their pets but cat owners typically are very selfish and lazy individuals who care little for the rights of others.
If you do have problems with cats on your property the best and most effective way is to catch the animal and cage it for 24 hours. During this time p** on the animal as many times as you can, it is even better if you have a large family because that cat can be pee'd on more frequently. If you have neighbours who feel the same way encourage them to come over and urinate on the cat too, the more pee the more effective the therapy. If your friends, neighbours, relatives have trapped and caught cats in cages themselves invite them and their cats to a BBQ. With plenty of alcohol flowing this will stimulate your kidneys to produce more urine which can be used to traumatise the animal thus correcting its behaviour (it's great fun too, kids love it!)
After 24 hours the cat should be sufficiently unhappy from the events it has experienced and this will have a lasting effect on its behavioural patterns.
When the cat is released it is unlikely you will ever see it again.


* It is rare but some animals do return, simply repeat the 24 hour process again but this time find some cat poop and dissolve it in a bucket of warm water, then pour over the kitty. repeat this process every few hours.
Not only has the cat learnt something but on the animals return the owner will learnt a valuable lesson too.

Sick People In This World Comments By: Jane on 2010-04-20
I can't believe the things I'm reading. I understand some peoples frustration. However, cats are living beings who feel pain just like humans. If you are capable of torturing or killing an animal, you are a sick human being. Just because some of you can't understand how others can love their pets as much as some love their kids, it doesn't mean it's insignificant. YOU are the selfish ones. I hope someone out there has a humane solution to the problem that will satisfy both cat lovers and cat haters.
Sick of it Comments By: Cat Hater on 2010-04-18
Its ok for these so called cat lovers to harp on about not having cat crap in their gardens, thats coz they are constantly crapping in mine. Cats never seem to do their business in their own gardens, always someone elses. Im getting sick of it.
Ive got a bit out the back which is bark chip and ive just noticed the little shits are using it as a toilet, grrrrr.
im gona start putting stuff along the fencing and ive also started slinging it back over the neighbours gardens. Their cats crap so they can have it :)

Use bleach..but not on the actual cat! Comments By: CatLover on 2010-04-21
If the cat is crapping in one or two particular places, pour bleach there (yes it may destroy the flowers) and the cat will not come back. This may need to be repeated several times.

P.S. wow some of the comments above are ridiculous, thought the forum would help on how to get rid of them not hear so many opinions on cat lovers/haters etc etc.

I only know how to stop them from coming to their spot, but any useful advice on how to stop them from actually entering my garden would be helpful

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