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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

people? Comments By: marianem on 2010-08-29
All you cat haters out there and the inhuman cruelty you have all shown,when do you start on people or children,its well known people start with being cruel to anamals and work there way up to humans,but from some of your comments you would be to gutless to front a human, I have never read terrible things in my life,GO TO THE OWNERS NOT THE ANIMALS THEY ARE DOING WHAT YOU DO ONLY YOU HAVE TOILETS!!! they are doing their normal things,you disgusting lot certaily are not
This May Sound A Little Strange Comments By: Matt on 2010-08-29
I have the same problems that everybody else seems to have, I.e cats doing there business in my yard... there is about a dozen of them on my street, but anyway time to get on, I was walking down my street one day to see a cat doing its business on someone's lawn, then outcomes another cat from nowhere and scared it away before it did anything, about 10 minutes later I see the same cat doing it on my lawn and walks off, so I thought about getting myself a cat (which I did) and no cats ever did its business there again, ERM is it possible that they don't do it on other cats TERRITORIES??? as apparently there very clean animals.
get rid of your unwanted cats Comments By: johna on 2010-08-29
i have found putting carpet gripper rods on the top of my fence and then painting all the tops of my fence with anti-climb paint has solved my problem, it surely gave the cats paws a little sting and made it think twice about jumping into my garden again, and for the black grease paint it had on its paws, hopefully it went back to its owners house and spoilt they lovely cream rug, haha. payback is sweet.
To ALL Comments By: Kat on 2010-08-30
Well, to Carol if I knew where you lived, I would come and dump all the cat pooh in your Garden that I have in mine, after what you wrote.. That was terrible and to the person with the Greyhound.. Let it out, if it kills another cat so what, thats what dogs do, they will soon stop coming in your garden, and lets face it if the cat owner gets angry tell her she should have trained her cat - or took it out on a leash, as cats should be shouldnt they also...
Another letter to write all of you is to David Cameron, so that the law states if your cat is out and poohs on someone elses property then you can fine that neighbour who's cat it is... I would...
I will try some of the stuff other people have mentioned, but if it doesnt work then I would put down poison or something, as at the end of the day, it is my property, and your cat... You cat people bang on about how much you love them, then look after them, letting them roam about unattended isnt is it.. By law you should leash them, so if you dont, then what goes around comes around..

Sorry cat owners Comments By: That's Mr. Anon to you on 2010-08-30
I agree with the others on here who say you do not have the right to allow your pet to damage their property. It's your cat, it's your responsibility to control it. No different than owning a dog.

And it's not just the nuisance of cat poop left behind, there are people like me who are allergic to cats. If you cat owners were allergic to cigarettes, how would you like it if a neighbor who smoked stood on your porch and lit up every day?

Has anyone tried anything that's worked? Besides rubbing mustard on their butt?

Fight Cats Comments By: Animal hater 101 on 2010-09-01
I hate animals all together but to get rid off all my neighbourhood cats I bought a vicious savage dog that eats anything even small children I advise you all to do the same, once all the cats are eaten and the neighbours quit buying more put the dog down you might as well do it this way your house already stinks and it's the only legal way I can see!
HAHAHAHAHA Comments By: Samuel on 2010-09-03
YOU GUYS ARE SO RETARDED!! If this is making your lives miserable then you lives can't have been that good to begin with.
SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS Comments By: louise on 2010-09-03
Happy with the sweet smell of success, our garden is still poo free after erecting a large green trellis like-mess all around our garden, though i`m also very very happy to say, not to sure of the sweet (or should i say smelly) smell of success from our cat lover owners next door, as i heard a tiff between them about whos going to pick the cat poop up....I`m smiling all the way.
Cats are the Devil's own pet - WAR! Comments By: pov on 2010-09-06
Wow, thanks for the hilarious comments, therapy, truly, and so good to know I am not alone in this.

I found this site after I experienced a 'final straw' moment with an ugly cat today. I have always felt a deep 'cat rage' which rises up within me against those evil, un-housetrained, felines who choose to do disgusting poos and wees in my garden.

As I child I have happy memories of my Dad flicking the poo back over the fence with his spade to the neighbours who owned the cat, and I indeed do the same.

A while ago, after I saw a cat doing a poo under one of my trees and staring at me nonchalantly as it did it, I decided enough was enough and bought a motion sensor which emits a high pitched noise whenever one of those vile creatures entered my garden. It actually worked for a long time but then the device broke.

I hadn't had too much trouble for a bit but lately it has really kicked off again and I am not going to stand for it!

I would put motion sensors back out but I now have a really lovely house bunny and he likes to run around the garden every day (he sometimes does a few dottles in the garden but they are innocent, non-toxic and in his own garden!!).

Tonight, I saw a cat doing a massive and revolting poo in my garden and I managed to throw a stone at it as it leapt back over the fence. I will chuck the poo back over later but i didn't fancy doing it then and there as it was vile.

My poor bunny could not run around outside because of the demon sh*te left by Satan's pet.

I have officially now declared war on all cats which come into my garden. Enough is enough.

What on earth possesses cat owners to think that it is ok to let their cats do this. How totally selfish. I am guessing they think that it is someone else's problem. Yes, they are right, but they have made it our problem and collectively they are responsible for misery of millions up and down the country. How utterly selfish.

I am tempted to perch my buttocks on the adjoining fence and drop a crap into the garden next door but I have decided not to as the fence is quite flimsy and things could go horribly wrong.

Henceforth I am going to do the following:

Continue to chuck the poo back

Get water balloons and fill them with vinegar and have them ready to throw at any cat.

Follow Kevin's marvellous advice and get a cat trap, bait it, capture any cat which enters it, incarcerate it for a number of hours and urinate on it repeatedly to traumatise it and teach it that it shall not come in my garden. I will enjoy this very much. Thank you Kevin. I may invite my sister round to do this also as she is plagued by cats in her garden.

I am also going to research to see if there are motion sensors which hurt cats ears but which do not affect innocent house bunnies. Earlier research this evening found that cats do hear higher frequencies than rabbits so I may be in luck.

Right, I am going to say goodbye now and head to the internet to by a cat trap.


They're only Cat's Comments By: Cat-Owner on 2010-09-07
Cat's do not have the sense to understand that they shouldn't go in a particular garden because it belongs to someone and it will annoy them, this is their nature they bury their toilet and they do not see the world as 'People's Garden/Property' it's all one big place to them, I have had the same problem with my neighbour who have actually hurt my Cat before just because she was sitting in their garden, they say that she goes to the toilet in their garden, which may be true, but I have even offered to clean it myself if they tell me but they won't have it and just threaten to hurt my Cat if she does it again even when it's other peoples Cats they just assume they're mine and complain to me, the fact that they actually have hurt the Cat before just shows what cruel type of people they are and too dumb to understand that they are just Cat's that is their nature and you can't stop it because thats just what they do and I will not keep mine indoors because it is cruel and if an owner is offering to clean it why make it into more of a big deal, If you are going to live in an area where domestic animals live that is just what cats do
Cat poo can you help Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-10
Does anyone know if you can shoot cats on your property legally?
B*****d cats Comments By: BigT on 2010-09-22
I hate the B*****ds.
You can shoot every f***ing one for me.
I caught one in my house once, a piece of 2x2 over the head did the trick.

For those who want to get rid of(and not complain about people disliking) cats, I was told that builders lime in your yard will keep them out because the lime burns their pads.
Has anyone else heard this and does it work?

fkn hate stinkin cats!!!! Comments By: milza on 2010-09-15
my neighbour knows their cat craps in mine and my other neighbours gardens and finds it funny! some people just don't care as long as they're not havin to clean it up! everyone has a right to keep their property mess free by any way they see fit! this is obviously a huge problem for thousands of people all over and there should be laws against cats messing in public just like there is for dogs as someone said before if a dog owner does not pick up their dogs mess they are faced with a fine same rule should apply! there should be somewhere to report cats messing and being pests so that cat owners would be more resposible people!!!! i am getting to the stage where i'll do what it takes to protect my little boys health out playing in his own garden!!!! :)
cats crap Comments By: Maria on 2010-09-16
The best way to stop this is to pick the crap up and throw it over the fence where it blongs after a while the cats start to get the idea, and you can then find out how the ownner then feels when their garden stinks, WHAT happened to litter trays and training cat where to go.
A SURE REMEDY Comments By: Cruel But Effective on 2010-09-18
I have a method that is 100% effective. Antifreeze! Just put out a little treat thats been soaked in it. You wont have to worry about those pesky stray cats using your garden as a litter box anymore.
why Comments By: ANON on 2010-09-21
why so aggressive? they are just animals - they do whats natural to them - I might hate my neighbours baby because it cries throughout the night - intruding on my sleep/space but I wouldn't kill it. talk to the owners - call the pound - i guess if the owners keep having to collect their cat from the pound they might acknowledge a problem. Also cats can be house trained - to use only one area in their owners garden (like a litter box inside), maybe try catching the ca and rubbing its nose in its mess each time - eventually it will be trained to go else where.
If desperate try putting a plastic clear bottle of water in the garden - it seems to scare them away.

Minions Of Satan Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-23
I too believe that cats are merely the agents of Satan walking the earth.My neighbours cat is some stupid breed which means it is going to grow to three times the size of a normal domestic cat. So I would assume will its turds. I will be trying out some of the suggestions here. I have some Lemon Jeyes bin powder and from what I see here, that could definitely be a winner!

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