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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

I too believe that cats are merely the agents of Satan walking the earth.My neighbours cat is some stupid breed which means it is going to grow to three times the size of a normal domestic cat. So I would assume will its turds. I will be trying out some of the suggestions here. I have some Lemon Jeyes bin powder and from what I see here, that could definitely be a winner!
Lots of ways to try - without killing Comments By: Back to the SOLUTIONS, please on 2010-10-07
I have read this entire blog and I think it's been a great place to vent, but we need to get back to the solutions. I made a note of all the things people have tried and who said it worked. Here they are in no certain order.

* www.gardeners.com Item # 31-954
Cat Scat Mats, Set Of 5
* Cold tar soap
* Citrus oil sprayed after mixing w/ 2 cs. water
*White pepper
*Powder glass\
*Mix water and sugar, boil, add chili peppers
*Orange peels
*Coffee grounds
*Plant Coleus Canina - annual plant
*Egg shells
*Liquid fence brand cat & dog repellant
*From Home Depot - Critter Ridder repellant
*Caustic soda (dangerous to other animals and children, though)
*www.catscarer.co.uk emits a piercing ultrasonic sound and in doing so safely trains cats not to enter your garden
*if you know the owner, talk to them and try to resolve
*if you don't know who owns the cat or it is surely a stray, trap and return to wild or shelter many miles away

I plan to try every since one until the creature finds a better place to go. If none of them work, I will trap and bring to a shelter. I never even SEE the one that thinks my new home is his/her toilet!! Good luck, everyone. I know how you feel, but I'm determined to find a solution that works.

Responsibility Comments By: Mike on 2010-10-07
I had the same problem with cats in my yard. I resorted to hunting them out with small rocks/large pebbles thrown at their feet. I really like the pellet gun idea. The issue is that we have a law against loose cats...but when I called the authorities, they will not enforce the law. The cats lived in my engine compartment of my truck (hearing a cat scream at 5am when you are going to work really urks me...one day I think it will get caught in the belts (yet another way to skin a cat)). I think I am going to look into live capture cages and try to find someone who will (legally) take them...or just relocate to a far location if not. Anyway you may think I am cruel but my wife was pregnant dealing with this which is a health hazard. I myself own 2 cats that are indoor and are allowed to come outdoors only at my heals. And yes my cats both listen to commands (though one listens much better than the other).
CAT POO Comments By: Jaime on 2010-10-06
My neighbour has 4 cats & they use my garden as their toilet. I HAVE confronted my neighbour & nicely explained that I have 2 young children who like to dig in the garden & we CHOOSE not to have pets, so I don't think its FAIR that I should have to constantly clear up cat poo......her response.....'there is nothing I can do about it'! I have tried pepper, cat repellent, starfish, water & every other tip on how to keep them out, even resorting to carpet grip around the top of my fence & they are still sh*%%*ng in my garden. She has since told me to squirt them with water......I have a life, go to work & school run etc, I don't have time to sit waiting for her cats to come in my garden......me telling her to keep them in didn't go down to well. If it was dogs, I could report them to the council......cat owners are so arrogant & irresponsible
i hate cats Comments By: daniel on 2010-10-08
I tried to keep them out of my yard. they go to the north side of the house and crap and pee.... i tried pepper and moth balls but i dont think it is working.. So i purchased a high powered bb gun.. my yard has a 6 ft fence and its hard for the cats to climb it.. so i fill their butt with b b pellets while they are trying to exccape... but they are so stupid they still come in the yard.. so many of my neighbors have cats.. i dont know of any one who keeps them tied or in the house..
I HATE CATS!!!!! Comments By: wits end on 2010-10-10
I have bought a house 6 months ago. My partner and I have finished refurbishing the inside and decided to do the outside. We have laid a new lawn and had no problems but as soon as the little grass shots appeared the bloody cats are swarming in to dig them up and crap every where. I bought those citronella sticks but they dont work so I am going to try cayenne pepper. If that doesnt work I will get my partner to dispose of them the old fashion way!!!!!
Possible solution? Comments By: Stefania on 2010-10-10
I ve tried everything.I rent a lovely house with a gorgeous garden.I shouldn't have to spend money on the garden but it was worth it,we made homely and it's lovely whenever the weather allows to enjoy it.now I ve tried citrus sented sticks,b&q powder repellent,chopped garlic and super hot chilli powder,vinegar,chopped lemons,jase fluid.nothing works! Would spikes on the fence keep the cats away?If any of you has tried this remedy can you tell me if it works?thank you (http://www.livesafe.co.uk/Prikka-Strip_webpage.htm)
Animal cruelty Comments By: Jay on 2010-10-13
Wow, there are some ignorant comments on here.

Think about it for a second: if YOU can't figure out how to protect your own garden, then how are cat owners supposed to communicate to their cats where they can and can't roam/scratch/go to the toilet.

That fact is, you can't train cats like you can train dogs. AND cats can jump higher.

Cats will roam. Make your garden unappealing to them and scare them off using unpleasant but ultimately safe means. You don't have to turn into the kind of serial-killer-in-the-making who kills animals because they lack the sense to use judgement and understanding.

A new one to try Comments By: Back to the SOLUTIONS on 2010-10-15
I spoke with more people and have a few more ideas. The best one seems to be TIN FOIL. Roll it out, stake it into the ground or secure it with rocks. Apparently, cats don't like to walk on it. Also, I put cat scat mats (plastic grids with plastic spikes) under my mulch and it worked - only the cat went to the other side where I hadn't put them. I can't afford another $60 USD to do that side, so I'm going to try the foil.
Ignorance Comments By: Sarah on 2010-10-20
I cannot believe how ignorant you cat haters are! Every animal has the right to live and a cats life- like big cats, birds, deer, whatever are creatures who roam and stay within their territory. They should be allowed to roam-that is their nature and if someone has a problem with excrement (which is normally buried) then have a word with the owner- LIKE AN ADULT. Don't mistreat any animal simply because of an odour or having to clean up- talk to the owner. I am going to report the worst offenders of animal cruelty on this forum to the animal welfare rights and rspca, etc. as you are sub-human, ignorant and extremely detestable as people. I cannot believe thar you people exist and have nothing better to do than complain about an animal that behaves in the same way as birds, any wildlife. The fact that they are pets does not mean they are brainwashed into acting in a human way-they still have their characteristics and traits. If you cannot understand what I have said then you are selfish and more stupid than you already sound. Yes, cats are pets- but they have the right like any other creature to move about. If you cannot talk to the owner regarding the animal leaving excrement in your garden then I assume you have no social or communication skills- in which case stay as stupid and detestable as a human being as you are.
I loveeee cats in my garden Comments By: Barry on 2010-10-21
As a single disabled man I find it very hard to get out although I have a great passion for animals due to my disablility I can neither have one or visit the zoo as there are too many stairs I cannot manage. Therefore seeing a cat in my garden is like spotting a lion in the jungle a total pleasure! I welcome all cats, any shape, any size and any colour. Love to all my baby cats out there... You know know who you are xxxxxxxxxxx
To cat loving Comments By: Ev on 2010-10-25
Suddenly my garden has become very attractive to several neighbourhood cats who prowl about trying and often succeeding in catching the birds that come to our trees and feeders.

Whilst not advocating cruel solutions I am hopping mad. Why are people allowed to own these furry unlicenced weapons of mass destruction that cannot be tamed,trained or confined to their owners properties?

Cat Owners - you chose to have your cat or cats. I choose to have wild birds in my gardens and to not have cats. Why should I have to resort to ugly, expensive and time consuming solutions to keep my garden clean and safe. You are apparently free to purchase and fecklessly launch your unguided missile moggies onto the meighbourhood in ever increasing numbers never mind the distress and damage they cause your neighbours.

Your rights are getting in the way of my rights and our rights. I can only assume that you envy your blessed feline sabateur who can continue doing what comes naturally and cannot be stopped because you are not there to take responsibility. As far as I'm concerned if a stray "pet" dog gets taken to a pound, then a free-ranging "pet" cat should be, with perhaps a hefty fine for the owners in either case. Then soon there would be fewer cats

You deserve it Comments By: Haha on 2010-10-28
Cat's seem to be naturally attracted to dullards that don't like them. Most of you are bringing this upon yourself :D
Orange Peels Comments By: Jenna on 2010-11-01
Has anyone ever tried to bury orange peels in their garden to keep cats away? A friend told me it works??
It works Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-06
Go to your carpet shop and buy a lot of wooden carpet grippers, with small nails in them. Paint them black and bury them 1 inch in your flower bed, you can also use cut rose bush branches. Mouse traps works well. I am not cruel, but I would not want my grandchildren to get an eye disease.
Seriously Comments By: Aero on 2010-11-07
I have lots of cats - we have recently had a new neighbor move in next door and has been doing some yard renovation - my cats seem to have found his yard a perfect toilet and he is understandably upset - the more he picks up the poo the more they go there......I am working on it the best as I can being a single mom with 3 boys and I would never allow anyone to mess up my yard either. So I understandably want to work with him to get them to stop going there.

Thinking it is okay to harm cats - just because they poo in your yard - IS WRONG - and I know you wouldn't shoot kids who walked in your yard either - you would be put in prison - so to tell others to shoot them IS NOT OKAY!!

I am going to try some of the suggestions you all have made here - but I am not sure anything is going to work - since my cats seem to know that he keeps cleaning up their litter box for them. They have two litter boxes in my house and they do not want to use their yard - so they go next door.......

I am trying - but I am not sure what to do at this point.....

I didn't domesticate them so don't blame me Comments By: Aero on 2010-11-07
But since they are now domesticated - we as humans ("the superior being") need to take care of them......regardless of where they go or what they do. If you didn't want them to be domesticated - why do it in the first place? I love cats - I take care of them - just as I do my children and my dogs. You people who think you have the right to hurt, abuse, torture, maim, kill or harm any living creature that is not vermin or a bug - are WRONG!!! What is wrong with you people.

They didn't ask to be born, but they are alive nonetheless. They have to live, eat and yes poop and pee just like you do. They do their business just as all animals do. Cats are more like a wild animal needing help to feed and be loved just like you are but regardless - the law states you cannot hurt, abuse, torture, maim or kill an animal - unless you like jail......so anyone who suggests hurting someone elses animals - just try it with mine and see what happens.


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