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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

Having read so much on this bulliten board and had the unsavoury experience of cats in my garden - I am of the opinion that the only way to treat a cat is to attack it.
Firstly with a hose, secondly with a deterent spray, thirdly to trap it and dispose of it at an animal refuge - and finally send it to cat heaven

Cat Blaster Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-15
After some time being bothered by persistent cats, I have taken to keeping a water gun filled with a mixture of old chilli oil and vinegar by the door. When the moggie enters the garden, I wait until it settles itself under its favourite bush, where I hang the bird feeders, then I rush out and give it a soaking, some of these kids super water pistols are cheap and very efficient. I have tried plain water and dirty water, but the oil mixture is really good. There is a long break between visits now seemingly.
Actually the thrill is in the hunt, I don't want it hurt, I just want it to choose somewhere else.

shoot them Comments By: julie on 2011-03-15
They are vile stinking creatures and my children cant play out in their garden which ive spent alot of money on because these so called creatures have left their mess all over. and to top it all they cry outside my house all night long.
Cats are a nuisance Comments By: Tracy on 2011-03-15
First of all to Carol, you have no right to say what is important to people in their lives. I hate cats but i do not wish to hurt them. I just want them to stay out of my yard. I can't stand the smell of their urine. Carol, I can only imagine with 6 cats how 'great' it must smell at your house. I agree with Lucy as children are beautiful and cats are a nuisance. I also agree with Simone - this would make a great book. Honestly Chopsy you couldn't be more wrong, take your own advice - use your brains. Thanks for the pepper idea Julie, I shall try it. Cat lover, you can't be serious about moving home because of a cat. The cat I am having trouble with is a stray. I have had enough of scratches on my car and rubbish all over my yard and it scaring my sons rabbit. I work full time and why should i have to come home and take care of someone elses responsibility. It's a joke. To all cat lovers, what are you doing on this site anyway??? Thanks for the good ideas and the laugh people.
Cat clean up Comments By: Jon dog owner on 2011-03-16
I have a neighbour that has 2 cats & have asked them to clean up after there pets. They refuse so I have started throwing it back into there garden. I should not have to do this but, when it lands on their car or drive what choice do they have but to action this( as does a none cat owner), i fix my car damage from the little joys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giving it back! Comments By: Debby on 2011-03-17
It is true cats bury there crap but caught the neighbours cat crapping by some plants and trying to cover it with leaves! When I eventually get out into the garden to clean up the garden I don't want to be picking up old leaves and a handful of crap too ... Even though I would be wearing gardening gloves I still don't want cat crap on my gloves! So went out into the garden a day later with a cheap plastic drinking cup and stick and flicked the crap into it and then promptly placed it on their side of the fence and threw the cup away! If I wanted to clean up cat crap I would buy my own cat! Will be buying some moth balls and carpet strips and place them strategically around the garden ... oh and a spray bottle!
cats it! Comments By: happy chappy on 2011-03-19
Why the hell should we move?they are someones pets,people are SUPPOSED to take care of their pet.I have spoke to my neighbour about her cat coming in my garden,nothing,I took it to rspca,nothing,I've put up fencing spent MY money on keeping the rat out,nothing till one day,it hissed at my baby,I calmly walked over to it and kicked it into the heavans,never seen it again.Lives glorious.
i hate cats Comments By: It stinks on 2011-03-22
i used to love cats until i got my own house with a garden. I live in a terraced house and there must be 5 or 6 local cats and several of them like to poo in my garden. They usually just do it in the same places and never bury it. It does make me very angry. I have tried chile powder and sprays you can buy from garden centres etc but nothing seems to work. The only solutions are to 1. Get you own cat. 2. Perhaps wait around with a high powered waterpistol or air gun and shoot the buggers, but I dont think I could be wuite that cruel and its probably illegal.
3. Transfrom your garden in to a low maintenance zone with harldy any places that cats would want to poo and is they do poo you can see it easily and get rid of it - perhaps by throwing it back over to the garden where the cat lives.

Shouldn't be MY PROBLEM!!! Comments By: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! on 2011-03-19
To all you idiots like 'Cat Lover', I don't want cats in my yard, so I don't own any cats!!! Birds, foxes, squirrels, mice, or anything else that craps in our yards isn't an irresponsible neighbor's pet that they let roam the entire town, BUT YOUR CATS ARE!!! Even if it's a feral cat, it's probably the offspring of 'owned' cats sexing other 'owned' cats and making feral cats to terrorize the neighborhood and crap in our yards!!! Cat Lover, you suggested WE sell our houses and move? REALLY??? You want us to pack up our stuff, find new jobs, take our kids to a new school, say oodbye to all our friends, buy a new house, and MOVE because YOUR cat needs to roam? Are you seriously THAT twisted? Apparently you are, because now you want me to aquire lion feces as well. WE shouldn't be the ones to have to go to a zoo to get/buy LION POO to get rid of your cats in our yards. REALLY??? You actually want me to drive all the way to a flippin' zoo that has lions, and ask them to give me LION POO, and then drive home with it and put it in my yard? Great, so now I've got one 10-pound crap in my yard instead of a hundreds little craps. That's just genius. Or, you want me to wait in my yard until your cat comes by, and then sit there and STARE AT IT??? REALLY??? That's how you expect me to deal with YOUR cats in my yard? That's just how I want to spend my nights and weekends, camped out in my yard waiting for your cat to come by so I can threaten it by gazing into its creepy eyes. Awesome idea, bimbo!!! Oh wait, no, ok, I'll just go out and spend MY MONEY on a bunch of stupid things like cat statues, black rubber hoses, spices, water bottles, moth balls, sprinkler systems, aluminum foil, barbed wires, balloons, and all the other stuff that YOU want ME to BUY to keep YOUR CATS out of MY YARD!!! If I end up in a mental institute, it won't be from wanting to hurt cats, it'll be from my own family who call the men in the white coats to take me away because I'm hiding in my yard all day with a pile of lion poo and a rubber hose waiting to stare at cats!!!



Bloody cats Comments By: Chris on 2011-03-21
ok cat lovers...

So we can do the following i your cat craps in our yard

Buy a cat - No thanks I now hate the little gits
Get over it - No, why should I, any animal which craps on my proprty is a pest!
Ah well, cats will be cats - yes they will and upset people tend to get fed up of it (it's human nature) don't blame them when they damage your cat!
Sprays, detectors etc. - Done it, but thinking about it, why should I have to foot the cost!!
Cat proof your garden - Why should I, you cat proof your bloody garden!!

The cat belongs to you, if I wanted a cat I would buy one, don't make it my problem
I hav just poured a load of extra hot chilli powder over the area getting crapped on, I hope it works and the gits never plague my plants again, if it does not work I will be buying some nice chicken stuffed with paracetomol. My thinking on this is that the cats are NOT my responcibility i.e. would you let your dog or cat play near a main road or motorway? if so when some one drops your beloved pet back to you (flat mate :) it is your fault as the owner for not keeping it safe!
I really would prefer not to hurt the cats but with two kids which can no longer play before I clean someone elses crap off the lawn/garden I have run out of patience.
For all you cat lovers out there your cats are your problem not mine, deal with them or we will!!!

Sick of your cat Comments By: Sick of your cat on 2011-03-21
Why are we bad people just cause we're sick of other peoples cats. People on here saying spray them with water and you wouldn't call a adoption agency for the neighborhood kids! Really not the same. If you love your car so much keep it at home. I hate cats and so why should I have to deal with your cat. If my dog was in your yard all the time you would think it was ok to call the pound so I say call the pound on your neighbors cats. Hopefully they won't think about checking there till it's to late.
arrrrrrgh!!!! Comments By: vexed. on 2011-03-22
My neighbours got a cat and we are stuck in cause it won't go away. My children are terrified and can't play with their outdoor toys. It was scratched toys furniture and the trampoline we got them as a present was trashed 2 weeks later. I am at my wits end we don't have soil just a hard concrete floor and most solutions involve soil etc. I can't even hang my washing out cause the cat shreds it and I have to keep all my Windows shut cause it can jump in. My children are terrified. And getting the pushchair out is impossible some days trying to fight the cat away from my door. I work and pay my mortgage for this?????? Please someone help. I am terrorized. My neighbours won't do anything and they are very suspect people who I don't really want to fight with I feel completely stuck. I need something that will work on stones. Not soil and something that won't harm my children.
Any responsible cat owners planning on helping me out.

bloody cats Comments By: Maria on 2011-03-24
I dont hate cats I just want them to stop messing in my garden . my husband works hard trying to keep our garden looking nice .then when my grandchildren come I have to tell them not to go into the garden in case they pick up cats mess . I think the best way to deal with them is to lay poison on some meat and let the bloody things die
.No I dont hate cats just the one that keeps messing we dont have cats or dogs there should be a law made that if your neigbours cats mess your garden they should be fined

get a grip people Comments By: greg on 2011-03-25
The world has gone mad! Kill em, poison em, do it slowly so they will suffer more?in fact kill the owners? Really?? My dog is perfect, my dog is this that and the other? You all belong in mental institutions if you believe that killing things is a real answer to your problems.
Let me give you some back ground and reasonable suggestions to handle cats.
I have two children who play in our garden, we have two female cats which they love.
Cats have been round all our lives, you are used to them, you know how they operate. Cats HATE water. There is no getting away from it. Get your hose pipe when you see them and give them a good soaking, if you catch them do the same. They will not come back for a while, and if they do. Do it again (it will deter them and will not hurt them, surly better than killing them?).
Iím a responsible person, and in my life we have had two dogís (both liked chasing cats, but neither knew what to do when they caught up with them) so all the stories about my dog will kill them if i let it in my neibours garden, is just talk, likely hood is the cat will smack it in the noise and the dog will do little about it. There is nothing wrong with this either, because if your dogs are as nice as you say they are they will of be well trained and well natured and know it is wrong to bite? If your dog will eat next doors cat, i hope you donít have kids cause it will eat them too!
My cats are as trained as they can be, we have a flagged drive and i notices the cats were not pooping anywhere as there was no where for them too, so i took up a flag and put sand there, they love going there, it affect no one else and as a result my cats may nip in and out of gardens a little bit but do go the loo in our garden,
If i ever see them going the loo else where i pick them up and take them to the flag that has been taken up, easy.
All this said, i cant rest my hand on heart and say they have never pooped in my neighbours garden, if that is the case id happily go and pick it up for them.
I speak to my neighbours a bit, and they say our cats are no issue, so im happy with that. They also have collars with bells on them, and i canít remember the last time either came back with one.
The problem cats are do different to anything else in society, its the problem few that give a bad name to the rest. Just like certain dogs and humans a like.
We have a male cat live near us, it wees all over our garden and it stinks! It even got in our house one day and weed in my little girls play kitchen, i was not happy, so when i saw it i soaked it with water, it came back and i managed to get it to run for cover in our bushes, then sprayed the hose in and it aint been back since. They problem is it has irresponsible owners who should have it neutted (canít spell it, but you know) then it would not go running round spraying looking for female cats.
So the minority ruin it for the rest, you horrible people should think a little more. Next time you do something wrong should we poison or kill you for it? Next time your dog is off the lead and runs off to poop in the long grass and you donít see it so cant pick it up. Should we poison it? Surly we should cause kids could be playing hide and seek there the next day? Next time someone cuts you up on the road we should kill them too? Its easy to say the words, think about the actions? Next time a cat pees, poops in your garden wet it? Give it a fright and watch it run like hell, would you come back? Probably not?

get a grip Comments By: laura on 2011-04-07
For gods sake..... get a grip most of you!

I have cats....they hardly go more than a few meters, i dont think they mess anywere cause they always come into the house to use the litter tray.... when out playing! They wont mess anywere but in it!

Try and follow the cats and see where they go back to, if they look 'owned' just go and tell there owners of your distress! If they apear homeless try and capture the cat and take it to a rescue centre.

problem solved!

But poisoning it , harming an animal or hurting it is just ridiculous....its just natures instinct to mark there territory for gods sake.

Im sure more than half of you have wee'd somewere when desperate that you shouldnt have!!!!!!!!

There is a dog by me that barks all day, it annoyed me so i went and told the owner..... shock horror! it aint outside barking all day anymore!

..... and not forgetting the lil girl who broke a garden vase of mine on accident...... what should i have done....poisoned her???


Neighbors cat is spraying on my porch and my children's outside toys! Comments By: Meshelle on 2011-03-26
We recently purchased a new home. Our neighbor's have a cat that apparently stays outside. It has sprayed shoes that were left on our porch, my door mat, and my children's outside play toys. Anyone who has had to get rid of cat urine odor knows it isn't an easy task. To make it even worse for me, it isn't my animal! I don't have animals, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't let it be a burden to others. I don't want to step on the toes of our new neighbors, but I am not sure what else I can do!!! Any suggestions?!?
Damned Cats! Comments By: Ian Knapton on 2011-03-29
The next door neighbour has 3 cats, he doesn't allow them inside because they pee on his bottom step, so I have to suffer them crapping in my garden, ripping my shed and gate post to pieces, I've tried the electronic cat repeller and the foul smelling granules, tried throwing water at them but they are too fast or have made their escape before i get to the bucket, i am sick of picking up cat poo out of the garden, and don't want the grandchildren getting ill from it.

So this summer it's drastic measures, I'm going to snare them and give them the biggest dunking in a bucket of water they have ever had, and if that doesn't work then they will just have to stay in the snares, I am absolutely sick of these vermin, all these cat lovers saying what lovely animals they are.

If you don't own one then you just become their toilet, dirty little scrouts and that's just the owners.


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