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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Paracetamol (acetaminophen) ie. Tylenol or Panadol is deadly to cats. Even a small amount (200mg) in a can of tuna or a meatball will cause all nine lives of kitty to expire promptly
Attention to ALL cat haters - please read Comments By: Cat Lover on 2009-10-18
I think the tip would work - the cat may think the black hoses are snakes!!At least it's not harmful.
I AM A CAT LOVER!! Cats rule. It's quite simple to avoid the problem of cat mess on your territory -

If I caught anyone deliberately hurting my cat, I'd hurt them.

Note to cat haters - the following tips do not require any cruelty whatsoever. So if you still need to hurt a cat - get some psychiactric help!

Ask yourselves: have the owners of these animals had them neutered? Do the cats have access to clean trays?

Responsible owners neuter their cat. This reduces the need for the cat to deposit their dung in neighbouring territories. The cat no longer needs to mark his/her territory (probably your garden)with poo.

Cat lovers should provide clean trays. If they do the cat will want to eliminate in these clean areas.

Lion poo available from zoos will scare cats away. Put some in the garden or where they eliminate most.

Cat statues make unwelcome 'visitor' cats uncomfortable.

Use eucalyptus oil or strong smelling plants in your garden to stop this behaviour!

If you find an unwanted cat in your garden make some noise. When the cat looks in your direction, stare at it. Staring is very threatening behaviour to a cat.

If you people have such a big problem with other folks cats fouling your territory, have a chat with your neighbours rather than taking your frustration out on the animals or even better YOU could move away!!

I stress that I do understand how people worry about the health hazard of cat mess to small children. I ask my nephew to wash his hands after playing with my cat.

I suppose that hurting or killing cats solves the problem? I'm no intellectual but I find the 'soloution' of hurting cats a little retarded. It's easier to kill a defenceless animal than to find an intelligent humane soloution. What a disgusting array of comments I find in the comments section. My cat was run over 12 years ago and it still hurts.

Anyone who makes cruel suggestions about how to deal with cats should be sectioned under the mental health act. I sincerely hope people are joking when they talk about hurting or killing other peoples pets. I have no problem using spray guns filled with plain water but <<++Removed by TipKing++>> or <<++Removed by TipKing++>>?

God help you evil folk. People who are cruel to animals should take a good look at how evil they are.

What a wonderful world it would be... just animals and animal lovers!! Get RID of all the scummy, worthless cruel people. Animal lovers rule, cruel people drool. My 3 year old cat never strays into neighbouring gardens and it's hard to get her to go outside anyway. Apart from my own cat, I am also foster mum to a stray who never messes in my garden - and she's feral.

Super Cat =( Comments By: Aaron on 2009-10-21
hello there is a cat from next door it does its buisness in my garden wont leave me or my family alone i have tryed chaseing it off/pushing it away/throwing cat poweder in its face this cat jsut does not leave my garden or family alone any1 got some ideas what i can do next before i shoot the darn thing thanks :D
irresponsible cat owners Comments By: Llanarth on 2009-10-23
The problem seems to be the cat owners. As many cat owners must be only too aware that their cats are leaving poo, presumably they are not leaving litter trays, which begs the question, should they have the cats in the first place?

Since it is the irresponsible cat owners who are inciting such hatred against cats, maybe cat lovers should turn their fury onto them, not the people with small children (such as me) who cannot let their children play in their own garden.

I for one (loved) cats, but am heartily fed up with all neighbour's cats pooing in the garden. Even if I wanted to approach the neighbour, I would have no idea who an earth these cats belong too!

I work through all the suggestions, working from the mildest to the strongest, although I won't resort to paracetamol or anything terminal, maybe cat lovers should turn their attention to the people who are neglecting to look after their cats properly!

Me again; the cat trapper! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2009-11-01
Hello again my siblings! I thought I'd return to this page to see if anyone had taken my previous advice, and found it as successful as I have. Sadly, nobody seems to have heeded my well intentioned words of wisdom. Get a cat trap people, it works a treat! And as I've said in my previous post, it has the added value of immense satisfaction. Buy a trap, the largest you can afford, because cats seem reticent to enter an area in which they feel constricted. You can probably pick up a second-hand one for a small outlay. Bait it with pungent foods - tuna appears to work best and is also cheap, and place it on the lawn so that the cat can feel earth under its paws. Don't put it in a corner as they like to feel they can escape at either end, then check it every day because I wouldn't advocate leaving them for too long; I am a vegetarian after all! Once trapped, move the caged "little darling" to a more secluded spot, before imbibing as much fluid as you dare, (I find cold lager goes through my system the quickest of all liquids). For those of you who have missed my previous posts, perhaps you can guess what I suggest you do next! I'll give you a moment...That's right, you evacuate your bladder directly onto the meshed cage containing your bitter foe, making sure the cat is looking at you, preferably cowering in a corner, before you take aim. Sadly, ladies may have to use a vessel of some description; I suggest a wide rimmed bowl! It loses its intimacy, but is a good second best! Believe me, I've led a full life, but I can think of only a few sights more satisfying than the horror on a cat's face as my urine streams toward it. And if you're willing to put in the hours, you can make it shudder each time you walk toward it, preparing yourself as it were for another dousing. And for the deluxe thrill, I suggest keeping the drenched victim for just one night; it has the tuna to eat (although it may now taste a little off), and will have had plenty of fluids, so it should be ok for 24 hours. I promise you'll not need to set your alarm for the next day! You'll wake up as excited as a 5 year old at Xmas, in the knowledge that you've got one last present; the most pungent, foetid wee of all is that "overnight brew". Run downstairs, and if your morning glory allows any accuracy, give it one last "hosing down" before releasing it to its loving home. The owners will wonder just what it's been rolling in all night, and why it doesn't want to go out again! Just looking at you will scare it witless. I have had a "multi-cat" problem for years, so I had the pleasure of two more visitors to my "feline gimp-cage" before they must have started gossiping and put the word around! Guess what? I still see them teetering along the fence, but they never seem too keen to land this side, and the poo problem seems to have disappeared. I almost wish I'd caught another one because I was hoping to have a lively curry, and see what nature produced the following morning, but after all this time of clearing up after them, I didn't particularly want to add to their mess! And a simple rinse with the hose afterwards leaves the cage in pristine working condition, and so I leave it in the garden just in case. Oh, and for the nostalgia! I think it's only fair that you should enjoy your neighbours cats too, especially after all you've done for them, don't you? I hope this helps.
Comments By: Kaye on 2009-11-02
Both my neighbours either side of my house own cats. I discovered that one of the cats had p+ssed on my 4 year old son's bed. I had washed his bedding but had to throw away 5 pillows. Of course I can't accuse either of them due to not knowing which cat had done the deed. I actually have had pet cats in the past until I found out that I was allergic. Itís bad enough that they are in the garden but NOW in my house too. What do you suggest i do?

Try Pest Stop Ultra Sonic Outdoor Pest Repeller. It cost almost £40 though :(


FAT LONELY CAT LOVERS Comments By: CAT HATER on 2009-11-11
To Carol & anyone else who lives at home with 6 cats. YOU GET A LIFE YOU SAD SACK OF SH?T!! I can't even begin to imagine what your house would smell like. You must have a riveting life to have to have 6 cats living with you to keep you company...LOSER! I feel extremely sorry for your neighbours! Anyone who owns a cat & lets it roam in other peoples yards need to take a good hard look at themselves! I have a 2 year old son & don't appreciate going out to MY backyard to play only to find a big smelly, hairy cat sh?t at the bottom my my stairs! If I wanted to walk around all day picking up cat shit, I would have a cat! The owners of these poor excuse' for an animal need to take responsibility, instead of showing blatant disregard, they must be so selfish! Cats are gross, feral, smelly & ugly creatures that shouldn't even exist.
Briliant comments By. SickOfCats Comments By: Rich without cats on 2009-12-05
I too am sick of cats using my garden as toilet.
Use spikey holly Comments By: Ois on 2009-12-12
Not widespread around our garden but we obviously have one feline fiend that likes to make his/her mark right outside our back door in a raised flower bed. Have used granules from the garden centre also orange peel. However now as a Festive gesture I've chopped quite a lot of prickly branches from our holly tree and placed them 4 metres around the offending area. This is not animal cruelty simply something any animal would encounter in the wild. No doubt 'it' will find an alternative close by location to use as its loo. So the fight continues.
Happy Christmas!!

hate cats Comments By: trigger on 2009-12-13
unbelieveable!!!! people defending there cats! the cats in our street have been scratching the hell out of our cars now to long . we have tried to tell the the owners politly about this but they just laugh and say get a life!! well we`ll see what they say when i dump their dead cat at their doorstep after i have shot it! these people let there cats damage peoples property and shit in peoples gardens and this is just not on. i will be feeding theses cats from now on , but i will be feeding them lead from a gun!! this should sort the propblem good and proper and then i`ll be laughing,
Have laughed so much in ages!!!!! Comments By: N/A on 2009-12-16
I would like to thank Carol for the comments that she wrote (copied in below). I have not laughed so much in ages....don't get me wrong i really hate cats, i mean come on what is the point of a cat that does nothing??? And you have 6 of the bloody things.....I bet your SINGLE!!!!! I think its you that needs to get a life.

***what is tour problem? if all you have to worry about is a bit of cat shit in your garden then your long overdue a visit from disaster! GET A LIFE! muppets! suggesting such vile ways of dealing with such wonderful creatures as cats. go ahead with your plans but remember you reap what you sow in life. i have 6 cats and i love them all deeply and take good care of them. If anyone hurt them in anyway as some of you have suggested i would make your lives a misery. the only way to stop cats going to the toilet in your garden is to have a cat yourself. you never know you may just love it. anyway enjoy picking up the pooh cat haters and by the way never any pooh in my garden. just verbal crap on thi blog written by you xxx

Claymore Comments By: Huw on 2009-12-23
Claymore mines leave a large hole, but the cat will never trouble you again!
It's a Done Deal ! Comments By: Done Deal on 2009-12-28
Not only has this brought me really deep,
satisfying belly laughs (LOL), but, I've
come to the conclusion that I refuse to spend monthly amounts of money to keep other people's cats off my car and out of my garden. <<++Removed by TipKing++>>

cat shit Comments By: absand on 2010-01-04
whoever said cats bury their poo is a load of crap!!cats round my way dont they just leave giant turds everywhere in my garden and its disgusting im pregnant so i cant remove it when its done i have to ask family or friends and its a joke. i am not a cat hater but im starting to change my mind i have to be careful not to tread in it as ive already done this several times and walked it into my carpet!!! my drive has chippings so the cats think its one big litter tray...cat owners its disgusting dont come on here defending them just do something about it keep them in? do whatever you have to do, why the fuck should i go round the block talking to all the catowners asking for a resolution?
sprinkle chilli powder Comments By: anon on 2010-01-11
to try to stop cats pooing in your gardens sprinkle chilli powder and egg shells over the soil/dirt
Cats taking over your property Comments By: oasis on 2010-01-14
I have a big black cat who has taken over my garden. I sprayed all flower beds with spray "Get off" next day it had not done its disgusting smelling business on my flower beds it done it on my doorstep this thing has an attitude problem, now it is war. It sits on my window ledge hissing at me. Who the hell calls these pets they are vermin.
My dogs have killed 2 cats in our garden. Comments By: Leon on 2010-01-17
I own Greyhounds and have recently moved to Brighton from Hackney. I took the time to dog proof my Garden and let them out when needed. At the house in Hackney Cats were not as stupid to come into the garden, so no dead cats. But in Brighton i have been here 3 months and have 2 dead cats on my conscience and also neighbours who will not speak to me. I do understand there greviences as if i never moved into the area there cats would not be dead. But as i keep trying to say to these people my dogs are never off the lead in public, i have spent a great deal on ensuring they cannot get out of the Garden. I will not put the dogs down as one cat owner tried tried to insist i do. I do have a cat free Garden now, I hope...

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