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Ink Stain. Removing ink from most surfaces

There are quite a few tips for removing ink stains from all types of surface. You may find it a trial and error process but you will get there in the end with one of these tips

You can use rubbing alcohol to dab on the stained area and watch the stain lift right out! Using a cotton ball, paper towel or a qtip is easiest.

You can also remove ink stains on colored fabrics by soaking the the material in milk overnight and then launder as usual.

If your ink stain is on a white material, use a bit of lemon juice and salt made into a paste and then rub the ink stained area. Letting the material hang dry in the sun will leave your white material quite stain free!

I have found that hairspray will dissolve ball point pen ink. I have used it to easily remove ink from painted walls and from clothing

To remove ink marks from a wall apply toothpaste (the non gel variety) to the marks and wait 30 minutes then wipe clean.

To remove ball point pen, semi permanent marker, or felt tip ink is easy using hair spray over the area and the dab it up with a towel. If you still have a bit of ink stain left, you can pour some milk over the area to lift the remaining ink. You can also use this tip when you have ball point ink on your furniture or on the car seats!

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cool Comments By: lisa on 2009-05-01
the hairspray one is great i tryed it and yeh it works i thought my god cant belivie it cool and thanks

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